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This post was written by marc on March 29, 2005
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Letter to the Editor

I don’t understand why the Christian community is so committed to keeping a brain dead woman alive. After all – if she dies – according to their belief – she will be with Jesus. So – if they really believe that then why are they trying to keep her away from God? It makes me think that the “faithful” don’t have any faith. I don’t think they actually believe what they preach.


Interestingly – after I sent this letter off I saw some preacher being interviewed who made the same point. He said that letting a person go can be a strong act of faith. So – it’s good to see that some Christians actually get it.

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Hey Marc:

I guess I am in the mindset that reasonable people can disagree about the Schaivo case.

I personally would not like to live where I could not feed myself. I think that Michael was probably too accomodating in the beginning.

He knew his wife did not want to live this way. He knew it right from the beginning. Why then did he let it go on for so long. I think he was probably trying to be accomodating to her parents, and maybe he actually had hope she would improve. Either way, all he did (not just him) is delay the greiving and healing process. Just think if she was allowed to die eight years ago, her parents would be so much further donw the road to healing.

It is not the case of her going to heaven or hell or whatever that makes me sort of see the other side. It is the fact that we esentially have a tie. Here is what I mean.

Life – her parents want it, Michael apparantly wanted it for some time.

Death – she wanted it (again, according to Michael)

Why then in the absence of a living will, is the default position death? She is not brain dead per say. There are plenty of mentally disabled people in state hospitals with functionality equal to or less than her. This is a shitty situation all around and all it makes me want to do is get a living will and a DNR order.

In the end, the only ones making out are the blood sucking lawyers.


Written By DougK on March 29th, 2005 @ 6:48 am

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