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This post was written by marc on April 18, 2005
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I’ve yet to figure out what all the hype is about Mozilla Thunderbird. I’m an old Netscape user and been using the old swiss army knife Mozilla all in one package for years. Mozilla is deviding it up into separate applications and is phasing out the original Mozilla. And I ask myself – why?

Additionally – the new versions of the software – Firefox and Thunderbird don’t have all the features of the original Mozilla. After trying Thunderbird for about a month I decided to switch back. Thunderbird left me wanting.

It may sound trivial but you would think that if they are creating Thunderbird of of Mozilla code that it would have all the features of the original – but is doesn’t. Little things like in the pannel that shows the folders – Thunderbirs doesn’t allow you to see the total number of messages in each folder. That’s something I want to see.

And – with Mozilla – when you get new email in your inbox – you can see the new message appearing at the bottom of the list without having to scroll down. Thunderbird doesn’t have that.

The only advantages of Thunderbird that I noticed are:

  1. I like the name better.
  2. I looks better.
  3. When something crashes – the browser and the email crash separately.

Other than that – I’m not impressed. I think they shouldn’t phase out the old until the new one is as good.

My 2 cents …

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Have you tried any extensions for Thunderbird? They may well add some of the functionality you miss. I trust you are using Firefox for added security and not old Netscape which is one giant security hole.

Written By MSC on April 18th, 2005 @ 8:12 pm


I think the splitting of the source for Thunderbird and Firefox was mainly for the benefit of the browser. Mozilla started to suffer from the ‘microsoft disease’: big and bloated source code that does everything at once, but is buggy and unmaintainable. The browser is definitely *much* better now that they have concentrated on that thing alone (in the firefox group). Thunderbird may be worse than mozilla, but I think that was not their main priority.

Best, Wilco

Written By Wilco on April 19th, 2005 @ 2:14 am

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