Deep Throat did the Right Thing

Letter to the Editor FBI agent Mark Felt, who today revealed he was “Deep Throat” did the right thing more than 30 years ago when he leaked information that brought down a corrupt president. Some people will say that what he did was unethical, but that depends on where your loyalties are. We are a […]

Church of Reality is up for IRS 501c3 non profit Approval

I’ve finally after almost 2 years made it to the top of the pile for IRS not for profit status for the Church of Reality. I have a ton of work to do to get them new information and to answer the questions they sent me, but I am optimistic that they are going to […]

When is it the News Media’s Fault?

Letter to the Editor The Bush Administration is blaming the news media for violence by Muslims who are upset with news reports about the brutal torture of prisoners at American prison camps. They say these news reports are getting people killed. But it’s not the news reports that are getting people killed, it’s the news. […]

Newsweek was right after all

Letter to the Editor As it turns out and FBI memo has revealed that American jailers at Guantanamo Bay actually did flush the Koran down the toilet. This was on top of International Amnesty’s report calling Guantanamo the “gulag of our time” comparing it to communist prisons. Makes me wonder if all those corporate media […]

Tech Writers should train on Open Source projects

Here’s an idea that I think would work out well. Why don’t we get colleges who are training tech writers together with the open source community and have them work together? The problem as you know is that a lot of open source software is great – but the documentation and user interfaces suck. That’s […]

Was Newsweek Wrong?

I really don’t think so in spite of all the self criticism and the rest of the corporate media chiming in to denounce the “mistake” that the military is flushing the qaran down the toilet. I believe the store is true because it is consitent with the storied that prisioners are telling and the Anu […]

United Bankruptcy Preview of Social Security

Letter to the Editor The United Airlines bankruptcy is a preview of what is going to happen to the Social Security system if Bush gets his way. All these years United was supposed to be paying into the retirement fund for its workers, but now is defaulting on its obligations. The same thing is happening […]

Testing out new Content Management Program – Mambo

I’ve been testing out a new piece of software called Mambo. it’s a very highly rated content management system allowing you to crate a whole web site from a web based user interface. I’m still learning it and it looks great but like most open source applications ikt’s far harder to learn than it needs […]

Medicare Cuts Tax the Middle Class

Letter to the Editor The Republican budget makes huge cuts in Medicare and gives huge tax breaks to oil companies who are already rolling in money from their record profits. But these Medicare cuts hit the middle class the hardest because when poor people get sick and go to the hospital – someone has to […]

Bush Energy Plan is a Joke

Letter to the Editor It’s amusing to hear Bush talk about an energy plan with his record. Bush gives huge tax breaks for buying Hummers. Oil companies who are making record profits are getting huge tax breaks. Now he wants to give away military bases to oil companies to build refineries. I don’t think corporate […]