Deep Throat did the Right Thing

Letter to the Editor FBI agent Mark Felt, who today revealed he was “Deep Throat” did the right thing more than 30 years ago when he leaked information that brought down a corrupt president. Some people will say that what he did was unethical, but that depends on where your loyalties are. We are a […]

Church of Reality is up for IRS 501c3 non profit Approval

I’ve finally after almost 2 years made it to the top of the pile for IRS not for profit status for the Church of Reality. I have a ton of work to do to get them new information and to answer the questions they sent me, but I am optimistic that they are going to […]

When is it the News Media’s Fault?

Letter to the Editor The Bush Administration is blaming the news media for violence by Muslims who are upset with news reports about the brutal torture of prisoners at American prison camps. They say these news reports are getting people killed. But it’s not the news reports that are getting people killed, it’s the news. […]