Bush asks for sacrifice

Letter to the Editor President Bush is asking America to sacrifice again for the Iraq war, but not all Americans have to sacrifice. Rich America isn’t sacrificing. As poor America tightens the belt and sends their sons to die, the rich keep getting more tax cuts. Just this week the Senate wants to give oil […]

People no longer trust the Mainstream Corporate Media

People no longer trust the Republican controlled corporate mainstrean media and are turning to the internet to get their information. That is because corporate media giants fail to cover stories so as not to upset the Bush Administration. For example, ABC News and CBS news have yet to run a single story about the Downing […]

Church of Reality claims victory in Supreme Court Decision on Ten Commandments

Letter to the Editor As the founder of the Church of Reality – a religion based on believing in everything that is real – I consider both the decisions made by the Supreme Court to be a victory for religious freedom. The Texas case correctly allows the Ten Commandments to be displayed among other historical […]

Ten Commandments and Law

Letter to the Editor I find it interesting that people think that the Ten Commandment is the basis of US law. In reading the Commandments I see only three of them, killing, stealing, and lying as having any relationship to current law. The other seven are totally legal. Some people want to replace the law […]

Rumsfield doesn’t like Iranian Elections

Letter to the Editor Defense Secretary Rumsfield doesn’t like the outcome of the Iranian elections where the winning candidate won in a landslide getting 60% of the vote. Rumsfield called it a mock election complaining that the 8 candidates they had to choose from were somehow fixed. Here in the USA we don’t have 8 […]

My Interview on Flag Burning

As many of you know, one of my web sites is flagburning.org. So whenever the Republicans pass their annual constitutional amendment to take away flag burning I get some radio interviews. My good buddy Kevin Miller of WPTF Radio Raleigh NC calls me every time the flag burning issue comes up. I’m the guy the […]

America became more fascist today

Letter to the Editor The Supreme Court has again expanded the power of the government at the expense of The People ruling that city governments can force home owners out of their homes so that the city can give their land to corporations for private development to generate tax revenue. We are no longer a […]

Porter Goss Claims He Has Idea Where Bin Laden Is

Letter to the Editor Porter Goss, Bush’s “Intelligence Czar” says he knows where Osama bin Laden is, but he’s not saying right now. I know where he’s hiding. Or should I say I know where Porter Goss thinks ne’s is hiding. It’s hardly a secret when you know how the Bush Cult thinks. Porter Goss […]

Democrats.com Seeks Apology for Washington Post Attack

For Immediate Release: June 19, 2005 For More Info: Bob Fertik http://democrats.com/contact Web page: http://democrats.com/milbank Democrats.com Seeks Apology for Washington Post Attack On June 19, Washington Post reporter Dana Milbank attacked Democrats.com by name for the third time in 10 days. Bob Fertik, President of Democrats.com, replied in detail to Milbank’s attack in his blog: […]

Is The United States a Cult?

Are we Americans living in a cult? I have been working on my cult pages for my Church of Reality and I came across this really good 100 question cult test. It was written by a guy who was exposing Alcoholics Anonymous as a cult and focuses mostly on religious cults. But religions aren’t the […]

Gitmo Gulag

Letter to the Editor Thank you Senator Durbin for finally standing up to tell the truth about America’s torture chambers! It’s about time someone is telling the truth the way it really is. When America acts like the Nazis, the Communists, and like power crazed third word dictators then it is a act of patriotism […]

Closing Gitmo

Letter to the Editor Is the Guantanamo Bay prison camp an embarrassment to the United States? I suppose it all depends on who you believe. If you believe the American press which says that the Koran was inadvertently urinated upon then it’s no big deal. People accidentally urinate on holy books all the time according […]

Ministers were told of need for Gulf War Excuse

From the The Sunday Times – Britain. You don’t see this in the American news media. Do you think the press would ignore this if Clinton faked a war? MINISTERS were warned in July 2002 that Britain was committed to taking part in an American-led invasion of Iraq and they had no choice but to […]

Wikipedia deletes Church of Reality

The web site Wikipedia deleted the entry for the definition of the Church of Reality from it’s database. Wikipedia which claims to be a the free-content encyclopedia that anyone can edit is nothing of the sort. It seems to be intolerant of reality based religion.