Porter Goss Claims He Has Idea Where Bin Laden Is

This post was written by marc on June 20, 2005
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Letter to the Editor

Porter Goss, Bush’s “Intelligence Czar” says he knows where Osama bin Laden is, but he’s not saying right now. I know where he’s hiding. Or should I say I know where Porter Goss thinks ne’s is hiding. It’s hardly a secret when you know how the Bush Cult thinks.

Porter Goss thinks bin Laden is hiding in Iran.

Why? How do I know this?

It’s simple. Bush is in the process of putting together an invasion of Iran for the 2006 mid term elections (wag the dog) to distract the people again from the gutting of America by the Corporate/Dominion alliance. So in order to help justify this coming war they will need to put bin Laden in Iran. So that’s where he is.

The way the intelligence community works in this administration is that the President tells them what he wants reality to be and then they go out and fabricate the story that supports the president’s fiction.

Porter Goss is under orders from Bush to find bin Laden in Iran, so that’s where he will be. By the time next summer rolls around, Osama bin Laden will have been discovered to be secretly in control of Iran and in control of their nuclear arsenal. And like Iraq, we will be required to go to war over it. I feel a draft coming.

Reader Comments

I know you already know this, but for “historys” sake–and the few people who might not know it,,

On the morning of 9/11, Sen. Bob Graham (head of Senate Intelligence Committee) and Rep. Porter Goss (head of House Intelligence Committee) had breakfast with General Mahmoud Ahmad, head of Pakistani Intelligence, who had earlier directed that $100,000 be wired to Mohamad Atta, terrorist ringleader.

Also present at this meeting were Pakistan’s ambassador to the U.S. Maleeha Lodhi and several members of the Senate and House Intelligence committees. This meeting was described by one press report as a “follow-up meeting” to that held in Pakistan in late August.

Written By retank on June 24th, 2005 @ 12:03 am

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