Bush asks for sacrifice

Letter to the Editor President Bush is asking America to sacrifice again for the Iraq war, but not all Americans have to sacrifice. Rich America isn’t sacrificing. As poor America tightens the belt and sends their sons to die, the rich keep getting more tax cuts. Just this week the Senate wants to give oil […]

People no longer trust the Mainstream Corporate Media

People no longer trust the Republican controlled corporate mainstrean media and are turning to the internet to get their information. That is because corporate media giants fail to cover stories so as not to upset the Bush Administration. For example, ABC News and CBS news have yet to run a single story about the Downing […]

Church of Reality claims victory in Supreme Court Decision on Ten Commandments

Letter to the Editor As the founder of the Church of Reality – a religion based on believing in everything that is real – I consider both the decisions made by the Supreme Court to be a victory for religious freedom. The Texas case correctly allows the Ten Commandments to be displayed among other historical […]