Big Oil Gets another 14 Billion of our tax money

At a time when oil companies are swimming in money showing the highest profits in the history of the world, and at a time when we have record deficits and the government is asking people to sacrifice their children’s lives for a fraudulent war, Congress just gave away another 14 billion dollars to big oil. […]

Bush Flips the Bird Again

Check out this new video of Bush flipping the bird. I wonder if Clinton did this, do you think it would get news coverage?

New web site – Choose Reality

I started a new web site called Choose This web site is all about promoting the phrase “Choose Reality” and getting people to put Choose Reality on their blogs and web sites. I’m trying to get enought sites together in a reality movement to counter the threat to civilization by the Christian and Muslim […]

House gives bin Laden a Win Today

Letter to the Editor Osama bin Laden won an important victory in the United States House of Representatives today as Congress voted to give up the basic freedoms that our forefathers fought and died for. And they have the guile to call it the “Patriot Act”. What it really should be called is the “Cowardice […]

EFF Blog-a-thon – The Fight for Online Freedom

This is my entry for the Blog-a-Thon that the Electronic Frontier Foundation is sponsoring. The contest is about who used the internet in creative ways to stand up for digital rights. This should be FUN! I started out in 1996 in the middle of my divorce where after getting a screwing by the courts I […]

The Right to Privacy is in the Constitution

Is a right to privacy in the United States Constitution? Yes it is – but not where you think it is. A lot of people are looking into the amendments to the Constitution for something that can be construed as privacy. Others say that it’s just not there. But it is there and it’s right […]

Supporting the Troops is Supporting the War

Letter to the Editor It seems to be politically correct these days to say that we should support the troops even if we don’t support the war. But I really don’t see the difference. If the war itself is a fraud and we are in the wrong fighting it then supporting the troops is supporting […]

London Bombing no Surprize

Letter to the Editor There is no justification for terrorism. The London bombing is tragic. We now know however from the Downing Street Memos that the reasons behind the war were in fact faked. No one knows what the reason was that caused these particular terrorists to act. I believe however that when wars are […]

Bush lied to cover for Carl Rove

Letter to the Editor For the last two years, the Bush White House claimed that presidential adviser Karl Rove had nothing to do with the leak of the female CIA officer’s identity. Bush said that whoever leaked it would be fired. We now know Bush was lying because Bush knew all along Rove was involved […]

al-Qaeda is Fiction – The organization doesn’t exist as a large terrorist organization

I came across three films produced by the BBC called “The Power of Nightmares” which explain how various groups use the fear of terrorism to advance their political power. I’ve spent all day converting them to a smaller format so that they can be ea silly downloaded. But they are an hour long each and […]

Good Riddance Justice O’Connor

Letter to the Editor Retiring Justice Sandra Day O’Connor will now get her wish that a GOP president appoint her successor. She was at an election night party on November 7, 2000 when became “visibly upset” when network anchors first awarded the state of Florida to Al Gore. Her husband said she was upset because […]