Computer Worm Attacks U.S. Media Giants

This post was written by marc on August 17, 2005
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Letter to the Editor

There are a lot of headlines like “Bot Attacks U.S. Media Giants” as if the computer worm were targeted at them. But my question is – where were their system administrators? The news agencies reported the vulnerability a week ago. Then they reported that a worm was in development. Then they reported that Microsoft developed a patch to fix the problem. Now they are complaining about being hit.

My question is – why didn’t the tech staff at the news agencies download and apply the security patches that Microsoft provided before the worm hit?

Although it’s a nuisance, these attacks are a part of online life these days and are generally preventable by keeping current on all the latest patches and having a properly configured firewall to keep intruders from getting in. If their tech staff were listening to their news reports these news agencies wouldn’t have been hit.

If I were CNN, ABC, and The New York Times I would be asking their own tech staff why they didn’t install the security patches rather than imagining that they were targeted. And – if you’re running Windows, always install the latest patches.

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More to the point, why were these professional, world-leading organizations not using linux or another Unix-like system?

Written By Axel on August 19th, 2005 @ 9:59 am

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