Roy Blunt – GOP Leader

Letter to the Editor It is my hope that now that Tom Delay has stepped down that his replacement Roy Blunt will take the Republican party in a new direction, back to smaller government, balanced budgets, and fiscal responsibility. Over the past years since the GOP took control government spending has been out of control […]

California Special Election

So – we have a governor who was elected with a special election who has initiated another special election to change the election rules. Not with my vote! I’m voting against everything Schwarzenegger wants. And I’m voting for everything he doesn’t want.

Beating Blog Comment Spam

This works for me. Here’s the movable type example: Location /mt/mtcomments.cgi RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^.** RewriteRule ^.* /Location And for WordPress Blogs: Location /blog/wp-comments-newpost.php RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^.** RewriteRule ^.* /Location The way it works is – if the referring link isn’t local – you don’t ge to leave a comment. Am […]

One Nation

Letter to the Editor People who are arguing about the Pledge of Allegiance need to think about the two words before “Under God” – the words “One Nation”. The phrase “one nation” means that New Orleans didn’t happen to “them”. It happened to “us” and “we” needs to step up and make it happen. And […]

The Blame Game Works

Letter to the Editor People have said that Americans shouldn’t play the “blame game”. President Clinton said that there’s a time to review the failures of the government response but that time isn’t now. I have to strongly disagree with that. Because the people rose up screaming about what a poor job the government did […]

Athlon X2 vs. Dual Xeon – Final Results

So – after starting two other threads on the subject I have now made the conversion to the Athlon X2 server. The bottom line is – it works! Basically running about 300 web sites of all kinds from a few static pages to PHP/MySQL. The system includes email and is running spam assassin. This box […]

Pledge not ruled Unconstitutional

I find it disturbing that the news media is falsely reporting that the Pledge of Allegiance has been ruled unconstitutional. That is not what happened. What the court ruled was that the inclusion of the religious words “under God” in the pledge is unconstitutional. No matter what side of the argument to are on the […]

Time to Raise Taxes on the Rich

Letter to the Editor The tax cut that Bill Gates alone got under the Bush administration would have paid for levies that could have saved New Orleans. Ross Perot’s tax cut could replace all the bridges that were destroyed. When we hear about the government not having enough money we have to wonder why they […]

Energy Crisis Fake?

Letter to the Editor In 2000 we had a fake energy crisis with priced of gas, heating oil, and electricity doubling and rolling blackouts in California and it all turned out to be fake. It was just a coordinated scam to raise prices by companies like Enron. Now it’s happening again. So why isn’t the […]

ASUS A8N-SLI Motherboard – Not what I expected

I tried posting this on NewEgg’s review forum and it censored me. Apparently it doesn’t let you post honest reviews, so I’m posting it here. I was very disapointed with this product. maybe it’s the state of the technology but I had expectations this board would actually work. BEWARE – As of right now 09/04/2005 […]

Good Riddance Judge Rehnquist!

Letter to the Editor When a person passes we reflect upon the life of that person and how he changed society. I think that most people would agree that Justice Rehnquist’s most enduring legacy will be the 5th vote that appointed Bush president, substituting his judgment for the will of the American electorate. Had he […]

FEMA directs donations to TV Evangelist Pat Robertson

Letter to the Editor The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is directing donations to TV Evangelist Pat Robertson (Operation Blessing) who recently called for the assassination of the president of Venezuela. I think it’s a shame that in this hour of crisis that Bush and FEMA are teaming up with crooked crazy evangelists to scam […]

Denial Driven Hurricane Response

I watch in utter amazement at the lack of response to the hurricane disaster in New Orleans. I see reporters being able to drive in and out.and cover the story, so why can’t they get an army of thousands of buses to at least get the people out of there? They could at least helicopter […]