Denial Driven Hurricane Response

This post was written by marc on September 2, 2005
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I watch in utter amazement at the lack of response to the hurricane disaster in New Orleans. I see reporters being able to drive in and out.and cover the story, so why can’t they get an army of thousands of buses to at least get the people out of there? They could at least helicopter in food and water but they don’t. If I know the response was going to be this slow I would have grabbed a school bus and driven out there from California and started hauling people out myself.

We are sitting here doing nothing and allowing people to suffer and die when we could drive in there and rescue them. But we don’t do that because we have to protect the tax cuts for the rich and make sure that the oil companies maintain record profits. All of America is being looted and it started 5 years ago. I’m sorry Bush had to cut his vacation short leaving his ranch after the hurricane rather than before. But at least he got past war protester mom Cindy Sheehan without getting noticed. I’m really angry. We need to fix this.


PS – Several things confuse me about this. The reporters are driving in so there is dry clear roads into there. Not only could they grab every school bus within 1000 miles to drive them out – but if I were there I would just walk out. The flooded area can’t be that big and a few hours of walking and you’re out. Why aren’t people at least walking out?

The only place for refugees is all the way to Houston Texas? Can’t we take some of them to north? Can’t we take over facilities closer than Houston? What about Dallas, Little Rock, Memphis? These are our people down there. This is fucking insane!

I’ve seen shows on the Discover Channel years ago predicting this, so we already knew what was going to happen. Yet when a cat 5 hurricane headed for the city the evacuation wasn’t near as mandatory as it should have been. New Orleans actually got lucky at the last minute that it didn’t hit directly. The military should have been mobilized for a forced evacuation before it hit.

Bush is asking his dad and Clinton to come pass the collection plate. Why doesn’t the Fed drop something in. The 10 billion they are proposing 5 days after the disaster – which still hasn’t been passed by the vacationing Congress – is less than the tax cuts the oil companies got. Do we see an emergency session of Congress like the one they convened to interfere with the death of Terri Schiavo? NO! Again – FUCKING INSANE !!!!!!!!!!

I also question rebuilding New Orleans. The city is way below sea level – continues to sink, and with global warming we are going to see stronger hurricanes and more of them. And September is just starting. We will probably be hit several more time this year in Florida and on the east coast.

Maybe Congress could end their fucking vacation and show up in Washington to do something about it. American is falling apart and the very character of this country is in question by our ambivalence towards our own disasters. When we protect the tax cuts of the rich and watch the poor die and do nothing it shows the world what kind of people we are. And it’s not anything to be proud of.

Reader Comments

No man of God could or would respond the way Bush has.
He insults the memory of a fallen warrior by calling him Red Formans favorite insult.
What kind of commander in chief is that?

His momma thinks the po’ folk are better of at the ‘dome’ than they were before.
Is she tripin? Is she on crack?

Bush has no compassion. No remorse. No conscience.
Only a man who was full of the devil would do as he has done.

Satan is the great deciever.
Bush is a great deciever.

He fires all the compitent and skilled people at the top and replaces them with his unqualified buddys.
I hope WE the People rise up and impeach the man who has taken secrecy and imcompitence to a new level.
this country is now a country…
of the corporations, by the corporations, and for the corporations…not of, by and for the people no more.
WE the people must awaken from our trance and hold the Pres accountable.
HE is the one responsible for this fiasco.

Hey how much of the rebuilding money will get to the people and how much will line the pockets of the fat cats.
I bet the fat cats will get the biggest piece of the pie.

Written By deb gabler on September 11th, 2005 @ 6:22 pm

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