Good Riddance Judge Rehnquist!

This post was written by marc on September 3, 2005
Posted Under: Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

When a person passes we reflect upon the life of that person and how he changed society. I think that most people would agree that Justice Rehnquist’s most enduring legacy will be the 5th vote that appointed Bush president, substituting his judgment for the will of the American electorate. Had he not joined in appointing Bush we would not be at war in Iraq. We would not have gone from the most prosperous nation on the planet to the biggest debtor nation on the planet. And – it would have cost less than half to fill our gas tank than it does today.

When a person passes they leave a legacy behind. What a person does in life often affects generations to come. It’s just too bad Justice Rehnquist couldn’t have taken his legacy with him because life in this world is far worse today because of his bad choices. His passing reminds us that when we face the judgment of history, if we want to be remembered well, we have to accomplish good things in our lives.

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