Athlon X2 vs. Dual Xeon – Final Results

So – after starting two other threads on the subject I have now made the conversion to the Athlon X2 server. The bottom line is – it works! Basically running about 300 web sites of all kinds from a few static pages to PHP/MySQL. The system includes email and is running spam assassin. This box […]

Pledge not ruled Unconstitutional

I find it disturbing that the news media is falsely reporting that the Pledge of Allegiance has been ruled unconstitutional. That is not what happened. What the court ruled was that the inclusion of the religious words “under God” in the pledge is unconstitutional. No matter what side of the argument to are on the […]

Time to Raise Taxes on the Rich

Letter to the Editor The tax cut that Bill Gates alone got under the Bush administration would have paid for levies that could have saved New Orleans. Ross Perot’s tax cut could replace all the bridges that were destroyed. When we hear about the government not having enough money we have to wonder why they […]