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This post was written by marc on September 16, 2005
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Letter to the Editor

People who are arguing about the Pledge of Allegiance need to think about the two words before “Under God” – the words “One Nation”. The phrase “one nation” means that New Orleans didn’t happen to “them”. It happened to “us” and “we” needs to step up and make it happen. And in order to do that we need to take a long hard look at the reality around us and figure out how “we” are going to make it happen.

We have to face the tough questions about what we are doing with our money. We spent hundreds of billions of dollars in Iraq. Are we going to continue to choose Iraq over Louisiana. Are we going to take the money from old sick people by delaying their prescription drug plan? Are we going to take it from children by cutting Head Start? Bush has already ruled out taxing the rich so that leaves borrowing the money from the Communist Chinese. I think that borrowing from the Commies is not good long term thinking.

We can’t afford empty promises and poor judgment. It’s time for America to come out of the fog and begin to actually think. We are being tested as a nation to see if we are worthy of survival. We aren’t just rebuilding New Orleans, we are rebuilding the nation As a sit here on the edge of the San Andreas fault I ask if we are really one nation?

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No, we are not one nation.

Why? Because of 40 years of liberalism trying to divide and conquer.

Once we were all Americans. Now we’re African, Mexican, Latin and pick your prefix Americans.
I guess because my grandparents were English and Canadian paternally and Cajun maternally that fairly well makes me a Mongrel-American.

Once we were all Americans. Now we’re rich, middle class, poor, disadvantaged or victimized
Americans, depending on your socio-economic and racial status. If you happen to be making a living and supporting your family despite paying 40 to 50 cents on every dollar to government at every level you are rich and demonized. If you haven’t succeeded it has to be because all the “rich” people stole your piece of the pie.

Once we were all Americans. Competition drove this nation to greatness. Now, we can’t keep
score at little league and pee-wee sports because our children’s self esteem will be damaged.
There are differing entrance requirements into various institutions based not primarily on ones
credentials, but rather on race, gender, sexual orientation or some other criteria utterly unrelated to the goal being pursued. So work your tail off to achieve and hope you meet the correct political correctness requirements.

No, we are not one nation anymore. Liberals trying to create a socialist utopia out of the greatest country to ever reside on this planet have seen to that.

Jay Childs
Midlothian, Texas

Written By Jay Childs on September 27th, 2005 @ 2:10 pm

Well, we could tax oil. Evangelicalism and crusading is illegal in many nations, yet in the US, the Moonies don’t even pay taxes.

As far as liberals trying to create a socialist utopia out of the greatest country to ever reside on this planet, well, they already have, you should visit it sometime. just kidding. But poor people in some countries enjoy a higher quality of life than rich people in America.

I used to think that competition’s good for you but Republican competition, for example the Boulis murder, is sick. Corporate America can try to compete on quality or price and no one would complain. But when they compete using obstruction and burglary and cybercrime and illegal wiretapping, and they do, then it is time to create a better system. When Google was still small, Microsoft could have spent billions of dollars illegally wiretapping and obstructing them and no one could do anything about it. America does more to go after small companies who have created innovation which threatens large companies than it does to go after Osama bin Laden. That’s not competition; that’s obstruction of competition. When Republicans jam Democrat phone banks, someone got caught but most of the time crime pays in corporate America. The Jesus people need to stop with their perverted fascination with porn and realize that America is exporting criminality around the world.

Written By Amtrak on October 10th, 2005 @ 4:19 pm

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