Politics around Alito

Letter to the Editor I’m somewhat confused about that politics of the Judge Alito nomination. What confuses me is why the Right supports him and why the Left opposes him. Maybe I’m missing something but he voted in favor of partial birth abortion. He is also someone who considers being open minded as a virtue […]

Special Elections Cheat Democracy

Letter to the Editor I think special elections should be outlawed unless it is to replace an elected official who has died or otherwise hard to leave office. Governments often run special elections to pass issues due to low turnout that wouldn’t pass in a regular election. Special elections are a manipulation of the electoral […]

Fixing Bush’s Problems

Letter to the Editor President Bush has had a lot of problems lately and he needs to fix them quickly. Maybe Bush needs to think outside the box and try some unusual ideas to turn things around, not only for his legacy, but for the good of the country. Thinking outside the box I would […]

Scooter says, “I forgot”

Letter to the Editor In these days when we talk about how to honor the 2000+ troops lost in Iraq I think that Scooter Libby’s excuse that “he forgot” about exposing a CIA agent’s identity as part of selling this fraudulent war to the world is more than just hard to believe. I think it’s […]

More Misfortune for Bush

Letter to the Editor President bush got more unfortunate news today as Lewis (Scooter) Libby was indicted on 5 felony counts that follows a string of other unfortunate events. He lost his nominee to the supreme court. The price of gas hovers at 3 dollars a gallon and Exxon posted record profits. The death toll […]

Federal Express Screws up 4 times in a row

You would think a delivery service like Federal Express would have their shit together but they don’t. In the last 2 week they have screwed up 4 times in a row. It started with my HP laptop that had the screen die. HP sent Fedex out to pick it up. Scheduled for before 10:30 they […]

Meiers Nomination is Dead

When it comes down to it the real reason that this nomination failed is because she was a totally incompetent, inexperienced, unqualified, and a Bush cronie – so much so that even Republicans couldn’t stomach it. Especially after the Michael Brown FEMA disaster. I was looking forward for a longer process before it failed. Amazingly […]

The Church of Reality files for Trademark on the word “Reality”

PRESS RELEASE: Date 10-26-2005 From: Marc Perkel Founder / First one – Church of Reality CONTACT: marc@perkel.com TITLE: The Church of Reality files for Trademark on the word “Reality” The Church of Reality has filed for a trademark on the word “Reality”. Trademark Application Number 78735626 in the International Class 045: Counseling in religious and […]

Let’s Torture cheney

Letter to the Editor It is somewhat ironic that Vice President Dick Cheney is trying to weaken the anti-torture bill to create loopholes allowing suspected criminals to be tortured when he is facing possible criminal charges himself. As someone who may of outed the identity of an undercover CIA agent it makes me wonder of […]

2000 died for Bush’s Lies

Letter to the Editor On the eve of criminal indictments against top Bush administrations officials America has now lost 2000 of our military in Iraq. They all died because Bush lied to America fabricating evidence to trick us into an unjust war. We are losing this war and perhaps rightfully so because, like Vietnam, we […]

Supporting the Electronic Frontier Foundation

The Electronic Frontier Foundation ( http://www.eff.org ) receintly turned 15 years old has been a steadfast friend in keeping the internet free and protecting our online rights. If not for the EFF we wouldn’t be enjoying the liberties and freedoms we have today. Over the last 15 years EFF has done an extraordinary job with […]

Judge Screws Tom Delay without him knowing it!

Tom Dalay pranced into court demanding the judge recuse himself because he’s a Democrat. In Texas judges are elected and all of them are either Democrats or Republicans. So the fact that the judge is a Democrat in Texas doesn’t mean the same thing as other states that prohibit judges from being involved in politics. […]

No Republican Ads Suppoting Miers

Letter to the Editor During the nomination of John Roberts various Republican related groups were running TV ads supporting Roberts and saying that he shouldn’t be required to answer questions. The also demanded an up or down vote on the nomination. Now Harriet Miers is the nominee and I don’t see the Republicans running ads […]

Church of Reality gets IRS Tax Status

PRESS RELEASE: Date 10-19-2005 From: Marc Perkel Founder / First one – Church of Reality http://www.churchofreality.org CONTACT: marc@perkel.com TITLE: The Church of Reality get IRS non-profit recognition The Church of Reality announces today that it has received 501(C)3 Tax Exempt IRS status. The IRS called today to confirm that the approval had been granted and […]

Is God Punishing America?

Letter to the Editor Many people are asking, “Is God punishing America for its sins?” Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan declared that God was punishing America for attacking Iraq. TV Preachers Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell often declares Florida hurricanes is the wrath of God for being pro gay. But is it God who’s […]

Iraq Vote Rigging

Letter to the Editor It’s seems that Iraq has passed it’s constitution – or have they? More people voted for the constitution than there were registered voters in some areas. Some people might disagree wether or not a constitution approved by a rigged vote is legitimate. But there’s one think I think we can agree […]

Christian Credentials for Supreme Court

Letter to the Editor President Bush this week touted Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers as being an evangelical Christian in order to send a signal to his base that the “fix is in” and that he knows how she will vote on issues like Abortion and the Separation of Church and State. But can this […]

Bush doesn’t need the Religious Right

Letter to the Editor The Religious Right is angry with Bush for nominating Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court instead of someone who is clearly going to overturn abortion.They are threatening to turn against Bush like they do every time they don’t get their way. But what they don’t get is that Bush doesn’t need […]

It’s all about sincerity!

Letter to the Editor There’s an old saying, “The most important thing in politics is sincerity. Once you learn how to fake that you have it made.” Today President Bush demonstrated that principle with a fake teleconference where Bush pretended to do an unscripted interview with troops in Iraq. However they forgot that the cameras […]

Corporate Distain for Human Life

Bush would use the military to enforce a quarenteen in the case of a bird flu pandemic that could cost the lives of hundreds of millions of people. It would be like declaring martial law in order to stop the spread of a disease. But Bush refuses to infringe on any corporate pharmaceutical patents that […]

Pakistan Aid Faster than New Orleans

Letter to the Editor I’m happy that we can give aid to the people in Pakistan. But I can’t help but to wonder if we brought in the heavy lift helicopters dropping food and water and getting evacuees out like we did there how many more lives could have been saved in New Orleans. Too […]

Republican / Oil Company Looting Continues

Letter to the Editor Will gas prices at record highs the Republicans in the House again showed their loyalty to Big Oil over the American but passing another huge giveaway to help cash rich oil companies to build more refineries. The bill does nothing to curb gas prices or the expected huge increase in heating […]

Is Creationism evolving into Intelligent Design?

Letter to the Editor Is Creationism evolving into Intelligent Design? As our scientific knowledge increases it is becoming more and more obvious that the universe is more than a few thousand years old. We now know through genetic mapping that humans and monkeys are a 98.5% genetic match. So in order for creationism to survive […]

Harriet Ellan Miers has no experience

Letter to the Editor I’m concerned about Bush’s pick of Harriet Ellan Miers for the Supreme Court because she has never been a judge. Bush seems to want to pick his personal friends for high positions instead of people who are experienced an competent. Why pick someone to be a judge on the Supreme Court […]