Christian Credentials for Supreme Court

This post was written by marc on October 17, 2005
Posted Under: Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

President Bush this week touted Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers as being an evangelical Christian in order to send a signal to his base that the “fix is in” and that he knows how she will vote on issues like Abortion and the Separation of Church and State. But can this nominee serve two masters? Is she going to put the Constitution ahead of her religious beliefs as required by her oath of office? Or is she going to substitute her religious beliefs for the law as her fellow evangelicals expect?

As the founder of the Church of Reality I find it disturbing that the president appears to be part of a plot to undermine our basic freedoms and shift power to a small cabal of Christians who feel that they own America. We Realists have a big problem with the mixed messages and the level of deception that is going on around this nominee. America has turned it’s back on reality and it’s time to question whether or not we should accept this nomination based on our faith in President Bush.

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