Supporting the Electronic Frontier Foundation

The Electronic Frontier Foundation ( ) receintly turned 15 years old has been a steadfast friend in keeping the internet free and protecting our online rights. If not for the EFF we wouldn’t be enjoying the liberties and freedoms we have today. Over the last 15 years EFF has done an extraordinary job with […]

Judge Screws Tom Delay without him knowing it!

Tom Dalay pranced into court demanding the judge recuse himself because he’s a Democrat. In Texas judges are elected and all of them are either Democrats or Republicans. So the fact that the judge is a Democrat in Texas doesn’t mean the same thing as other states that prohibit judges from being involved in politics. […]

No Republican Ads Suppoting Miers

Letter to the Editor During the nomination of John Roberts various Republican related groups were running TV ads supporting Roberts and saying that he shouldn’t be required to answer questions. The also demanded an up or down vote on the nomination. Now Harriet Miers is the nominee and I don’t see the Republicans running ads […]