Supporting the Electronic Frontier Foundation

This post was written by marc on October 21, 2005
Posted Under: Technology

The Electronic Frontier Foundation ( ) receintly turned 15 years old has been a steadfast friend in keeping the internet free and protecting our online rights. If not for the EFF we wouldn’t be enjoying the liberties and freedoms we have today. Over the last 15 years EFF has done an extraordinary job with a small staff and a tight budget.

In these days of multiple hurricanes and disasters I am concerned that people might forget organizations like EFF and donate all their money to other causes that are getting more attention. However – EFF is extremely important and that in the long run our online freedom is something we dare not put at risk because we are focusing on other issues.

So although I care about a lot of things, I’m going to donate to EFF and make sure that they don’t get forgotten in a world of overlaping disasters. I would like to help do the things that EFF does, but they do it so much better. So by donating to them I feel like I am hiring them to support the causes and issues that are important to me. So as we approach the end of the year I’d like others to join me and support EFF so that we can continue to keep the Internet in the hands of the people.

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