Federal Express Screws up 4 times in a row

This post was written by marc on October 27, 2005
Posted Under: Consumer Complaints

You would think a delivery service like Federal Express would have their shit together but they don’t. In the last 2 week they have screwed up 4 times in a row.

It started with my HP laptop that had the screen die. HP sent Fedex out to pick it up. Scheduled for before 10:30 they didn’t show till 3:00. Two days later they were supposed to deliver the computer before 10:30 – but they waited till 2:30. I wasn’t home at the time so I had to pick it up.

No I have another package of computer parts and for the second day in a row the Federal Express truck just drives by without stopping. The tracking system indicates that I wasn’t home – but the truth is I sat here and watch the truck drive by without stopping.

I sit here in amazement that these people actually manage to stay in business. I called them up and they say they are going to contact the driver in his truck and get back to me. That was about an hour ago and they haven’t called yet. Let’s see what it takes to actually get my package delivered. – Time 3:23 pm.

Watch this delivery process live. Tracking number is: 091993412703473

Time: 4:24 – Called again. Now they are telling me that they messaged the terminal but that there isn’t always anyone at the terminal. I recorded the phone call. We got disconnected. Waiting for them to call back.

Time: 5:05 – No call back after disconnect. I call again. I get some guy on the phone who also says he’s going to call the driver and call me back in 10 minutes. Recorded the call again.

Time: 5:36 – Fedex calls me back. They say they left a message on the driver’s cell phone. They are also giving me a story that it wasn’t on the regular driver’s truck and that a second truck was delivering my package with some temp driver. The guy I talk to claimed to be the manager down there and he seems to be trying to get it delivered. He told the driver to call me but no one called and the woman I talked to earlier said she called the driver too.

Time 6:10: It finally arives. Driver almost drove by again.

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