More Misfortune for Bush

This post was written by marc on October 28, 2005
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Letter to the Editor

President bush got more unfortunate news today as Lewis (Scooter) Libby was indicted on 5 felony counts that follows a string of other unfortunate events. He lost his nominee to the supreme court. The price of gas hovers at 3 dollars a gallon and Exxon posted record profits. The death toll in Iraq crossed 2000 and mothers like Cindy Sheehan are following him around questioning if he lied to start the war. Then there was the hurricane Katrina debacle where hundreds died because the FEMA director was inexperienced and clueless. This all is on top of the growing deficit and higher inflation, with more and more people no longer able to afford health care costs. New bankruptcy laws prevent people from starting over in favor of credit card companies. His program to change Social Security is going nowhere and congress is working on cutting Medicare and Medicaid so raise money to give permanent tax cuts to the super rich.

The right wing is turning on him as well as the Republicans in Congress who fear the 2006 elections will no longer favor them, even with rigged voting machines. Teen pregnancies are up and high school graduation is down. Taxes are up and services are down. The stock market has been flat hovering 2000 points below where it was 6 years ago. Then there’s Halliburton kickbacks, Bin Laden is still free, the insurgents are winning, no weapons of mass destruction, Abu, Ghraib torture scandal, questions about the 9-11 attack, a gay hooker posing as Whitehouse press reporter, reporters going to jail, questions about stolen elections, global warming causing more hurricanes, bird flu, anthrax attacks, huge increases in heating oil, natural gas, and electricity costs, arctic oil drilling, mission not quite accomplished, Tom Delay was indicted, Bill Frist is under SEC investigation, and with the Republicans in power there’s no one else to blame.

Poor Mr. Bush. Being president is hard work.

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