Fixing Bush’s Problems

This post was written by marc on October 30, 2005
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Letter to the Editor

President Bush has had a lot of problems lately and he needs to fix them quickly. Maybe Bush needs to think outside the box and try some unusual ideas to turn things around, not only for his legacy, but for the good of the country. Thinking outside the box I would suggest the following:

First – for the Supreme Court – appoint Patrick Fitzgerald. Not only is he universally liked, but it might solve two problems at once. He then needs to shake up his staff getting rid of Rove and bring in someone who knows how to get the job done. Someone who knows how to turn the economy around. Bush should make Bill Clinton chief of staff and the economy Czar. If you put politics aside and go with what works, Clinton is a natural choice. And if there’s another opening on the Supreme Court – appoint Hillary Clinton. That would keep her from running for president and winning in 2008. Of course the right wing of the Republican party would hate it but for the last 5 years we did it their way and it’s been a huge failure. Now that Bush can’t run for president again and the Right Wing is backstabbing him, what’s the point in sticking with failure?

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This is just to funny not in a million years, for one he would NEVER give up Rove two, Clinton? (laughs) he in no way would ever nominate a democrat because he would lose his base, I know you are intelligent so how about this politics doesn’t run by “who will get the job done” it is “who can I pick that will make me look better to the people who support me” and alienate the rest.

Written By Matthew on November 1st, 2005 @ 1:00 pm

HEy not bad ..appoint Hillary!! It worked for Lincoln. He appointed S.P. Chase. IT was such
an Honor….Hh couldn’t refuse. I see this as a WIN WIN situation!

Written By Chuck on November 1st, 2005 @ 1:03 pm

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