Scooter says, “I forgot”

This post was written by marc on October 30, 2005
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Letter to the Editor

In these days when we talk about how to honor the 2000+ troops lost in Iraq I think that Scooter Libby’s excuse that “he forgot” about exposing a CIA agent’s identity as part of selling this fraudulent war to the world is more than just hard to believe. I think it’s an insult to those who died thinking that they were protecting freedom, but died for a lie instead. Although Scooter’s trial is technically about him obstructing justice by going out of his way to mislead the prosecutor in his investigation of who committed a crime the bigger question is, “Are we at war because Scooter was part of a lie?” And where is the outrage at the Whitehouse? Why isn’t Bush outraged about the idea that America was misled into war? Why doesn’t Bush want to talk about it?

This administration is far to comfortable with lies. To them it’s all just “politics” and “everyone knows” that lying is just part of the game. It doesn’t matter what’s true, what matters is what you can get away with. America is supposed to accept that government is dishonest and that it’s OK to lie. Well, it isn’t. Lying to America to convince us that Iraq was close to having “the bomb” and leading us into war is treason. The question that I ask is, “Was Bush part of the lie that took us to war?” And if Bush lied he too should resign and go to jail.

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