Wikipedia deletes Church of Reality Again

The web site Wikipedia has again deleted the Church of Reality from it’s listings. The do the same thing with most Atheist based articles. Only after a monumental affort will they post Atheist related stuff. The did the same thing with the movie, The God who Wasn’t There. In this case according to their discussion […]

A Cold Winter is Coming

Letter to the Editor This coming year is likely to be one of the coldest winters in decades. Cold can be measured several ways. What I’m talking about is the average temperature inside of homes of people over 65 years old. The cost of gas and heating oil is expected to go up over 50% […]

Gotta Love those Republicans

Letter to the Editor The U.S. House of Representatives voted to cut $700 million dollars from the food stamp program cutting off 235,000 people who will now go hungry. But what I find more shocking is that the $700 million is less than the tax cut that Bush gave Bill Gates. 235,000 people are going […]

Patriot Act is a Victory for bin Laden

Letter to the Editor The Patriot Act is a victory for Osama bin Laden who’s goals were to take away our freedom. Now the government has powers that move us towards Communism with a government that can spy on it’s own citizens, jail people without due process of law, and even haul people off to […]

Electronic Frontier Foundation seeking plaintifs to sue Sony

EFF is collecting stories from San Francisco EFF members and supporters who have purchased Sony-BMG CDs that contained the XCP “rootkit” copy protection software or the SunComm MediaMax copy protection software. CDs with the XCP rootkit copy protection technology include: A Static Lullaby (Faso Latido) CK92772 Acceptance (Phantoms) CK89016 Amerie (Touch) CK90763 Art Blakey (Drum […]

Church of Reality writes Conscientious Objector Status Policy

Church of Reality writes Conscientious Objector Status Policy The Church of Reality today announces that it has posted it’s policy on Conscientious Objector Status allowing for the first time for Atheists to opt out of military service based on religious reasons. These policies are being compiled as a preemptive strike against the possibility that the […]

New York Times blocks email from Political / Religious Groups

Dear Church of Reality Members, As many of you know besides being the glorious supreme leader of this religion I also have a “real job” hosting web sites, filtering spam, and other geek related stuff. And one of the sites I host the the Church of Reality itself, along with this email list. This list […]

GOP Planning Terror Attack on US?

GOP memo touts new terror attack as way to reverse party’s decline By DOUG THOMPSON Publisher, Capitol Hill Blue Nov 10, 2005, 06:19 A confidential memo circulating among senior Republican leaders suggests that a new attack by terrorists on U.S. soil could reverse the sagging fortunes of President George W. Bush as well as the […]

Bush to install Ahmad Chalabi as Iraq President

Wondering what Ahmad Chalabi (curveball) was doing in Washington last week meeting with top Whitehouse officials? He was auditioning for president of Iraq. Ahmad Chalabi is a man who understand how the system really works and he knows that you don’t get elected in Iraq by the people. He knows that the US will install […]

Sony Rootkit another reason to avoid using Windows

I’m a Windows user and it’s a hard habit to break. But Sony’s new rootkit installs is even more reason to move to Linux rather than use proprietary operating systems like Wondows and Macs. Sony decided to out secret software on its music CDs that installed into the kernel of Windows so it can track […]

US Denies use of Phosphorus Shells in Fallujah


More on US use of Chemical Weapons in Fallujah

Here’s a BBC Report on the US using phosphorus weapons in Iraq. Here’s a Quicktime Movie showing the attack. it’s a big file (91 megs) so don’t download it unless you’re on something fact.

California Elections Today

I’m voting against the governor. Yes on 79,80 No on everything else.

Let’s put all the war criminals on trial

Letter to the Editor Any leader who used banned weapons should be put on trial for international war crimes. It doesn’t matter what country the leader is from. If he did the crime he should face the penalties. This includes the generals and the men who carried out the mass slaughters. If Saddam Hussein used […]

Parsing Bush Speak

Letter to the Editor President Bush today declared loudly, “We do not torture!” But this statement is just coded “Bush Speak”. You have to understand what he really means. Of course we don’t torture. That why Bush has secret foreign prisons so that someone else can torture for us. That makes it look like “we” […]

Secret Prison Torture Camps

Letter to the Editor Even though Bush has secret prisons in countries that allow torture, Bush claims that he isn’t torturing prisoners. He says, “We do not torture!”. But we’ve seen the pictures from Abu Ghraib so do we believe him or our own lying eyes. In spite of his claim that he doesn’t torture, […]

Anti-Torture Law Tests McCain’s Integrity

Letter to the Editor John McCain’s anti-torture bill is a test of his personal integrity and leadership. McCain, who was tortured himself when he spend 5 years as a prisoner of war on Vietnam, sponsored this bill to try to stop Bush from torturing people that was the Communists and Nazis do. This law will […]

WalMart and Politics

Letter to the Editor I used to shop at WalMart and I used to be a WalMart stockholder back when WalMart bragged about their products being made in America. Now I’m living in California where WalMart has given Governor Schwarzenegger over a million dollars to promote his special election reforms. WalMart is now the third […]

Rosa Parks Inspires Us All

As I watch the funeral of Rosa Parks I can’t help but to think of the legacy she leaves behind. Some of the most important changes in the world start with one person who stands up and says No to power. She was as ordinary of a person as anyone can be, but she came […]

Oh – the outrage!

I sit here in total amusement watching Republican senators responding in total outrage to the Democrats declaring a “Closed Session” of the senate to discuss the issue of whether the Bush administration fabricated a fraud that led America into a war for false reasons. Republicans are totally shocked declaring that they have never seen such […]

Democrats compare Watergate to Libby Probe Leak and Iraq

Here’s a good video that the DCCC produced. I think they really nailed the issues.