Secret Prison Torture Camps

This post was written by marc on November 7, 2005
Posted Under: Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Even though Bush has secret prisons in countries that allow torture, Bush claims that he isn’t torturing prisoners. He says, “We do not torture!”. But we’ve seen the pictures from Abu Ghraib so do we believe him or our own lying eyes. In spite of his claim that he doesn’t torture, he is pressing Congress for an exemption for the CIA to allow them to do what he says they don’t do. John McCain is supposedly fighting against Bush on the torture issue but he’s been AWOL in this fight as he is spending all his time in California trying to help Schwarzenegger undermine Democracy in California.

What I think we should do is ship the White house staff to these foreign prison camps to be interrogated to see who committed treason be outing a CIA agent who was the wife of an ambassador. This ambassador was revealing that Bush lied to get us into a fraudulent war. Since Bush says that they don’t torture anyone and that these secret prisons are legal, then they shouldn’t have any complaints about what might happen to them. Since a CIA agent was exposed then the CIA should get to use these prisons that Bush has said is a legal means of questioning.

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