Church of Reality writes Conscientious Objector Status Policy

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Church of Reality writes Conscientious Objector Status Policy

The Church of Reality today announces that it has posted it’s policy on Conscientious Objector Status allowing for the first time for Atheists to opt out of military service based on religious reasons. These policies are being compiled as a preemptive strike against the possibility that the United States will re institute the draft and try to compel Realist to serve in a military fighting for an unjust cause.

“The Iraq war is an unjust war.” says Marc Perkel, First One of the Church of Reality. “To participate in and unjust war is against our Sacred Principle of Positive Evolution which is one of our core religious commitments.” The Church of Reality objects to the Iraq war for several reasons including the use of incendiary chemical weapons against the civilian population of Fallujah, jailing people without due process of law, ignoring the Geneva Conventions, the use of secret foreign prison camps, the use of torture, the denial of access to prisoners by the Red Cross, and the falsifying of information as justification for starting the war.

“If the human race is to evolve and distinguish ourselves from other animals then we are going to have to stop acting like animals. We are going to have to give up war and torture. The human race needs to rise to a higher standard and create a world where people live together in peace. As Realists practicing Realism we commit ourselves to a higher cause of making tomorrow better than today and leaving the next generation a better world that what we started with.”, states Perkel. “The Church of Reality has determined that the war in Iraq is contrary to that cause.”

Marc Perkel
First One
Church of Reality

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