Patriot Act is a Victory for bin Laden

Letter to the Editor The Patriot Act is a victory for Osama bin Laden who’s goals were to take away our freedom. Now the government has powers that move us towards Communism with a government that can spy on it’s own citizens, jail people without due process of law, and even haul people off to […]

Electronic Frontier Foundation seeking plaintifs to sue Sony

EFF is collecting stories from San Francisco EFF members and supporters who have purchased Sony-BMG CDs that contained the XCP “rootkit” copy protection software or the SunComm MediaMax copy protection software. CDs with the XCP rootkit copy protection technology include: A Static Lullaby (Faso Latido) CK92772 Acceptance (Phantoms) CK89016 Amerie (Touch) CK90763 Art Blakey (Drum […]