Leaking the Leak Investigation

Letter to the Editor Instead of investigating President Bush for breaking the law by illegally spying without the required warrant from the court, the justice department has opened an investigation into who is leaking that Bush was breaking the law to the press. We are opening an investigation into the unauthorized disclosure of classified materials […]

Happy Hollidays to All Faiths

Letter to the Editor Now that Christmas is over and we are now in the Chanukah and Kwanzaa season I hope that all the nuts who made such a big deal about Christmas can find it in their heart to wish the rest of us a merry holiday season and a happy New Year.

Is Bush above the law?

Letter to the Editor President Bush is asserting that he is above the law and that he can decide to just up and break the law if he finds it inconvenient. He doesn’t need a warrant, he does what he wants. He’s saying that a strong president doesn’t have to obey the law. If America […]

War? What War?

Letter to the Editor President Bush Keeps saying over and over that America is a nation at war but we are in fact not a nation at war. America has never declared war on Iraq. Only Congress can declare war and the last time that happened was when America declared war on Japan in WWII. […]

Bush Should resign

Letter to the Editor President Bush has finally accepted he made a lot of mistakes going into the war, but he now asks us to trust him to win the war. But can America afford to invest it’s trust in a leader who hasn’t been trustworthy? America is a nation of laws where we value […]

I don’t need no stinking laws!

Letter to the Editor “I don’t need no stinking laws! I’m the president, I do what I want.” This is what Bush is effectively telling America when he decided to authorize using the NSA to spys on Americans without getting authorization from the courts. So I don’t understand why Bush wants the Patriot Act renewed […]

Bush Spies Everywhere

Letter to the Editor Today’s revelations that the Bush administration is using the NSA to spy on Americans without a court order is disturbing for many reasons. Besides the obvious move towards a communistic society the fact that the New York Times sat on this story for more than a year because the White House […]

The Rich are Americans Too!

Letter to the Editor President Bush is often criticized for ignoring poor Americans but it looks to me like it’s the rich that are being ignored. Every time he asks Americans to sacrifice for the country he always leaves the rich out. Is Bush saying that the rich aren’t Americans?

Christmas isn’t a Christian Holiday

Letter to the Editor I find it somewhat amusing to see Christians making a huge deal about saying “Merry Christmas” instead of “Happy Holidays” because Christmas isn’t a Christian holiday in the first place. There is nothing at all in the Bible that relates to anything in the Christmas holiday. Christmas was started by Roman […]

Patriot Act Treatens Religious Freedom

Letter to the Editor The Patriot Act threatens religious freedom and the American way of life. I don’t know why Americans who have fought and died for freedom and liberty have to waste their sacrifice as Congress legislates away the freedoms and principles that this country was founded upon. Under the patriot the government can […]

New Iraq Poll

71% of Iraqies believe that Americans just make up statistics about Iraq.

Bird Flu Insanity

Letter to the Editor They tell us that we are on the verge of a world wide killer bird flu pandemic where millions are going to die and the Republicans are cutting funds to the Center of Disease Control. We are a nation gone mad!

Passenger Shot Dead – Story doesn’t add up

This story about the passenger getting shot today just doesn’t add up. You have a guy who they say claimed he had a bomb but his wife was shouting he was just off his meds. I don’t believe that even if he was shouting he had a bomb that anyone with any common sense, let […]

Now we take from old disabled people

Letter to the Editor The United States Supreme Court ruled today the the government can garnish the Social Security checks of old disabled people who haven’t paid back their student loans. The decision against a 67 year old Seattle man who lives in public housing who says he needs his $874 a month to pay […]

Heading in the Wrong Direction

Letter to the Editor This Iraq war is making America weaker and the enemies of America stronger. And Bush wants us to “stay the course”? I don’t think so! When one figures out they are heading in the wrong direction it is time to turn around.

America can not win in Iraq

Letter to the Editor America can not win the war in Iraq because in order to win the war we are going to have to defeat the very people who we are supposedly trying to liberate. The people of Iraq are not terrorists. They are a people who are fighting for freedom against a brutal […]

America Bribes Iraqi Journalists

Letter to the Editor It is not a surprise the the Bush administration is bribing Iraqi journalists to print stories in Iraqi newspapers written by the US military pretending to be Iraqi citizens. After all – the Bush administration is doing the same thing here. That’s why we are fighting a fraudulent war in the […]