War? What War?

Letter to the Editor President Bush Keeps saying over and over that America is a nation at war but we are in fact not a nation at war. America has never declared war on Iraq. Only Congress can declare war and the last time that happened was when America declared war on Japan in WWII. […]

Bush Should resign

Letter to the Editor President Bush has finally accepted he made a lot of mistakes going into the war, but he now asks us to trust him to win the war. But can America afford to invest it’s trust in a leader who hasn’t been trustworthy? America is a nation of laws where we value […]

I don’t need no stinking laws!

Letter to the Editor “I don’t need no stinking laws! I’m the president, I do what I want.” This is what Bush is effectively telling America when he decided to authorize using the NSA to spys on Americans without getting authorization from the courts. So I don’t understand why Bush wants the Patriot Act renewed […]