Terrorists hate us for our freedoms

Letter to the Editor President Bush has said, “Terrorists hate us for our freedoms.” So, using Bush logic, the less freedoms we have the safer we are. But the time Bush becomes king with the help of new Supreme Court Justice Sam Alito, the terrorists won’t have any reason to hate us because we’ll be […]

Where are the Democrats?

Letter to the Editor About the only thing that the Democrats have going for them right now is that they aren’t Republicans, and they aren’t doing a very good job on that issue. As the vote for an extreme right wing Bush puppet is about to be put on the Supreme Court to further turn […]

Why I use Google

Letter to the Editor One of the reasons I use Google to search the web is that Google has a stronger commitment to civil liberties than Microsoft’s MSN and Yahoo do. MSN and Yahoo turned over search information to the Bush administration to support their policy of spying on The People. Google stood up for […]

Dark Times for America

Letter to the Editor Is America going to the dark side? The US Senate is about to confirm a new justice who supports the idea of giving the president the power of a king at a time when the President is openly breaking the law and asserting the power of a king. When criminals like […]

GoDaddy.com sucks big time – takes down an entire data center

The domain registrar GoDaddy.com took down an entire data center nectartech.com where I do my hosting. They are back online now but it got pretty scary for a few hours. I’m a friend of the owner and being a professional asshole I managed to help him get back online. What happened was that last week […]

Church of Reality adopts UN Declaration of Human Rights

The Church of Reality has accepted the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights as part of it’s religious doctrine. The declarations are very compatibles with the Sacred Principles and are a natural extention of the Kernel, which is the Church of Reality doctrine. Here’s the link to the Church of Reality version.

Bush Advisor Says President Has Legal Power to Torture Children

You won’t see this in the corporate news: Bush Advisor Says President Has Legal Power to Torture Children By Philip Watts 01/08/06 “revcom.us” — — John Yoo publicly argued there is no law that could prevent the President from ordering the torture of a child of a suspect in custody – including by crushing that […]

It is time for world leaders to speak out!

Letter to the Editor In the last century the leaders of the world stood silent as Hitler marched across Europe taking the world nation by nation until it was almost too late. Let us never make that mistake again. Here in the United States President Bush has declared that he is above the law and […]

Alito must not be confirmed

Letter to the Editor At a time when the President has declared himself to be above the law we must not confirm a justice to the Supreme Court who agrees that the President is above the law. Sam Alito agrees with Bush that he is allowed to break the law. As Americans we The People […]

Never pick a fight with …

They say, “Never pick a fight with someone who buys ink by the barrel.” A modern day versions of that would be never pick a fight with someone who buys data transfer by the terabyte. Someone like me. The terabyte is mighter than the ink barrel. So sayth the wise and powerful Perkel.

First things First

Letter to the Editor Now that Bush has declared that he is above the law and he refuses to obey the law I think that we as a nation should deal with that rather than confirm any new Supreme Court nominees who might support Bush’s position that he has the powers of a king. We […]

Next Step for running for Congress – I have a domain nae

I have registered the domain name unnameddemocrat.com and I’m in the process of building a web site there. It’s about 7 weeks before I can register so if I get enough interest in the next 7 weeks I’ll change my name legally to Unnamed Democrat and see how I do. The purpose of this web […]

Should I run for Congress?

I’m thinking about running for Congress again. I ran in 1998 against Roy Blunt and ran for Senate in 2000 against John Ashcroft. I think I’m ready to light a fire under the asses of the Democrats and make the party stand for something. I keep seeing polls of races where an “unnamed democrat” can […]