Should I run for Congress?

This post was written by marc on January 1, 2006
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I’m thinking about running for Congress again. I ran in 1998 against Roy Blunt and ran for Senate in 2000 against John Ashcroft. I think I’m ready to light a fire under the asses of the Democrats and make the party stand for something.

I keep seeing polls of races where an “unnamed democrat” can beat just about anyone. So I’m thinking about changing my name legally to “Unnamed Democrat” and running against Tom Lantos here in California. I’ll be the kind of Democrat people imagine of an unnamed democrat would be. My platform would be something like:

I’m not on of THEM!
Get the hell out of Iraq.
A vote for me is a vote to impeach Bush.
Clinton was one of America’s greatest presidents ever.
Let’s return to peace and prosperity.
No Patriot Act – a return to freedon and constitutional values.
Legalizing personal freedom. Pot, Prostitution, Dying with Dignity, Abortion, Stem Cell Research, religious rights for Atheists.

The Primary is on June 6th 2006 – Elect and Atheist on 666 – I think it’s a sign from God that I should run!

The Democrats have to have more of a platform than “we aren’t Republicans!” We need to either be the opposition party or we need to get out of the way so an opposition party can rise up. Either way – I can no longer sit here and take it. The only thing that pisses me off more than the Republicans is the defening silence from the Dems that give them cover. I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore. I probably won’t win – but I will be heard.

Who is with me on this?

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I don’t think you’d win but it’s worth a shot. With a sign like 666 it is hard to resist the notion. Your prose is a bit too crude and you would have to temper your emotions. But the Dems really could use more individuals that stand for something.

Written By Coulie on January 2nd, 2006 @ 1:01 am

Wonderful idea. The third time is the charm they say.

Slogan For the male voter-

Marc the Beast Perkel
on 6-6-6 for US Congress

Slogan For the female voter-

Let’s return to peace and prosperity (I love your slogan, Marc)

Slogan for California voters-

What have the Republicans done for us lately?
Vote for Marc Perkel on 6-6-6

Written By Lisa on January 2nd, 2006 @ 11:19 am

Please run Mark. We need people like you in our government.

Written By Mr. Spock on January 2nd, 2006 @ 5:40 pm

I’d love to see you win. But, just out of curiosity, do you know any other congressman that openly speek about legalizing Pot and Prostitution? I would think that it’s too extreme for this country full of religious fanatics. I guess there is first time for everything.
I really hope you run and win, maybe this country still has a chance.

Written By Vadim on January 5th, 2006 @ 4:07 pm

Good idea Marc. Lantros should have been voted out a long time ago. He’s a Russian that must have been “kicked in the head” while a youth !


Written By crazydave on January 17th, 2006 @ 4:41 pm

i don’t think the religio-crazies are actually a majority. Im not convinced they are greater in number than potheads lets say, but they vote, and they get elected to small time control positions and then inflict their ways on you. eventually they endorse those who are like minded as they I have seen them do it on small scales such as in my hometown where the city council passed laws prohibiting the building of any other church (ours is historic made of limestone by german immigrants or something) bible study groups are also prohibited. nobody cares that lives here, that zoning ordinances are designed around religous belief because they are either catholic anyway or non hypocrit and find spirituality through the fellowship of men in other ways. since i was a child i have noticed that every year the number of cars has dwindled dramatically, personally i take my dogs for long country runs far away from these people whenever possible. do i resent that they control the community, yes, will i get upset about it like they would if situations were reversed? absolutely not. but it does matter even on the small scale, those people are on the pta’s that are approving the school curriculum, and various other shady dealings with certain businesses and what not. if we’re going to take back our country we have to do it on a grass roots scale just like they did in order to wrest control from the sensible. They put fear in the hearts of the masses and where we should offer the comforting assurance of reason and what is right we allow republican diatribe to turn pandamonium into the rule of the day. And when they offer up their paranoid solutions that relegate us farther from the fellowship of man, and we should say something, anything to add to the calm that hey we’re not out to get you and there is another solution tho’ we may have to find it together over time. turning our nation into a bunch of couchridden afraid of their own neighbors type of culture isn’t part of any just gods plan and if somebody would just say that over and over again it would resonate with every man. we can no longer afford to allow our nation to be sold out to the falsiochristians.

Written By robert l. bentham on February 18th, 2006 @ 6:15 pm

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