Terrorists hate us for our freedoms

This post was written by marc on January 26, 2006
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Letter to the Editor

President Bush has said, “Terrorists hate us for our freedoms.” So, using Bush logic, the less freedoms we have the safer we are. But the time Bush becomes king with the help of new Supreme Court Justice Sam Alito, the terrorists won’t have any reason to hate us because we’ll be just like them. So let’s all give up our freedoms for the illusion of safety. Lets invade countries, torture people, kidnap people to secret prisons, let the government spy on us, track us, listen in on our phone calls, and read our email. Bush is making bin Laden the winner!

Patrick Henry said, “Give me liberty or give me death.” Bush says, “Give up your liberty or we’re all going to die!” I’m with Patrick Henry.

Reader Comments

Well, don’t you think you are getting a little bit too extreme saying that muslims are “crazy dangerous people”. Muslims are people which suffer from terrorism the most. The “crazy” and prone to murder and destruction are the Terrorist Separatists. These are the kind of people which misinterpret the foundations of the Islamic religion. I myself am a Christian and believe that there are good people everywhere in the world. Saying that the Islamic population is crazy and etc. is equal to genocide. The problem is connected with the culture which is inherent in islamic parts of the world. Culture there creates an environment of personal behavior which is perceiving religion as a way of life, whilst in the western countries, religion is an aspect of life. And this is the main reason why extremists are so dangerous. I emphasize on the extremists not muslims. I do not stand for muslims as I personally don’t like them. But think of this matter as if you were a decent islamic person which lives in the USA. Think of all the harassing and stuff that you would have to deal with each day..just because there are people which are practically cults with false belief on the other side of the planet, which keep repeating that “islam will win”….when they don’t have anything to do with islam. As Islam is a religion like all others and it is founded on peace and virtues. This is something that all rational people should know. Keep peace among peacefull and fight the insane terrorists I say.

Written By Nikola on February 9th, 2006 @ 9:01 am

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