UAE gave $1 million to Bush library

Here’s the Story. Why am I not surprised? Now we have a 45 day waiting period so that the UAE can bribe all the right members of Congress to get their blessing too. Somebode track this to see who gets money from the UAE during this period. Here’s an exerpt. A sheik from the United […]

Why not run our own ports?

Letter to the Editor I have a radical idea. Why not have America’s ports run by Americans? Why do we need any other government to run our ports? Are we some third world country that needs other countries to come in and take care of us?

New Church of Reality Interviews Posted

I’ve been working on the web site again and found a few more interview that I had done that I haven’t yet posted. So I finally got around to editing them and uploading them and there are two new interviews that you probably haven’t heard before. In particular the Cup of Joe interview is both […]

Why not have Americans in running our ports?

Letter to the Editor Everyone is arguing about if we should let the foreign Arab countries run US ports. Especially countries involved in the 9-11 hijackings. I have a radical idea. Why don’t we let United States companies run our own ports. Maybe it’s time to start doing things ourselves rather than rely on the […]

Brownie feels Abandoned

Letter to the Editor Michael Brown, (Brownie) former head of FEMA who was fired from the Bush administration for being incompetent testified before Congress that HE feel abandoned. That is TOO funny!

My own lying eyes

Letter to the Editor With the new Abu Ghraib torture pictures that just surfaced you have to wonder when Bush tells us, “We do not torture.” What am I to do? Am I supposed to believe him or my own lying eyes?

Church of Reality Speaks Out against Muslim Violence

Unlike some religions the Church of Reality isn’t afraid of a little humor. We aren’t afraid of someone being critical of what we believe in. We don’t turn violent over mere words or symbols. This cartoon was chosen because it is offensive. I didn’t pick this one because I liked it but because I didn’t […]

I am my own phone company

I am in the process of becoming my own phone company. Using Voice over IP technology like Vonage and Packet 8 but doing it muself. Basically it’s just open source software called Asterisk that I have running on one of my email servers. Not only is it incredibly cheap, but I can do a lot […]

Muslim Violence will not stop Free Speech

Letter to the Editor If Muslims think they are going to stop free speech through violence they will soon see that it’s not going to work. As it turns out some of the cartoons are accurate. Islam is a violent religion that is focused on world domination and oppression. The can claim that they are […]

Islam is a dangerous psyco religion

Reaction to Muslinm cartoon by Islam shows that the point of the cartoonsis actually true. Muslims are dangerous crazy people who advocate violence and are quite comfortable to murder and destruction. The expect us to give up our rights to talk about them the way they want. No fucking way. Christians are crazy people too […]