New Church of Reality Interviews Posted

This post was written by marc on February 20, 2006
Posted Under: Religion

I’ve been working on the web site again and found a few more interview that I had done that I haven’t yet posted. So I finally got around to editing them and uploading them and there are two new interviews that you probably haven’t heard before. In particular the Cup of Joe interview is both interesting and entertaining. Probably you could learn more about me than you want to know.

Here’s the link. That’s 5 interviews on it now and if you don’t want to read the site you can just listen and get an idea about what the CoR is all about.

Here’s The link.

If you like what you hear then try to see if you can get me on more interviews. We need more exposure and I love doing these interviews and it’s a good way to get the Sacred Message out there. Get people talking about reality and thinking about reality.

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