Church of Reality is a Religion of Courage

Dear Church of Reality Members, I have been giving a lot of thought to issues regarding when to speak out against something and when to be silent and I believe that the Church of Reality is a religion that must speak out even if there are risks involved in speaking out. It’s interesting that when […]

Bush’s Homeland Security Plan – Pray Nothing Happens

Once churches get hooked on the govrnment money then the government will control the churches. Then when Hillary gets elected we’ll see how happy they are after selling their souls to Uncle Sam. Executive Order: Responsibilities of the Department of Homeland Security with Respect to Faith-Based and Community Initiatives By the authority vested in me […]

Church of Reality Challenges other Religions on War

PRESS RELEASE: Contact: Marc Perkel – Release Date: 03-10-2006 Church of Reality Challenges other Religions on Morality The Church of Reality today issues a challenge to other religions on the issue of ethics and morality. We live in a world where the hatred among religions grows daily between Christianity and Islam and the time […]

Fight for what Freedom?

Letter to the Editor There is no longer a reason for people to sign up for the military to defend America’s freedom. Now that Bush has signed the Patriot Act we no longer have any freedom to fight for.

They’re monitoring Everyone’s Banking Activities Now

From the town where I used to live, Springfield Missouri, the home of the Patriot Act, is this report from TV station KY3 abut bank spying. I call Springfield Missouri the home of the Patriot Act because that’s where John Ashcroft and Roy Blunt are from and the headquarters of the Assembly of God Church […]