The Gospel of Reality

This post was written by marc on April 8, 2006
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Letter to the Editor

When the president breaks the law it sets a bad example for society, especially the children. It is like telling the world that America is a fundamentally dishonest nation. Our president is a criminal, a liar, and an election cheater. He lies to send men away to die. He takes food from the poor and medicine from the old to give fat cat corporations a tax break, leaving the poor folk with a 9 trillion dollar debt. What does this tell the world about us? What example does it set for the children? And how will it affect our future.

I call on all the people of the world that it is time that we embrace the power of Reality. That we turn to Reality to make our important decisions. We need to think about Reality when we vote. There’s a new Gospel. There’s a new holy book. There’s a new way of looking at religion and experiencing the real world as it really is. The Gospel of Reality. In these troubled times when nations contemplate nuclear war and weapons of mass destruction, what is it that gives us the moral certitude to help us decide that wiping out the human race is a really bad idea? There is but one source of true wisdom, and that is to open your hearts to Reality, embrace the real world, and commit your life to making decisions that make sense. Because if we turn our backs on Reality, Reality will punish us.

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