Bush Screws Arnold Schwarzenegger Again

This post was written by marc on April 24, 2006
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Letter to the Editor

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger strongly criticized Bush Saturday because he refused to declare a federal disaster for California’s fragile levees. And Arnold is surprised by this? In 2004 Arnold could have fixed the levy problem and most all other California problems by opposing Bush for president so that the “dicider” wouldn’t continue to ruin America. But instead Arnold make a last minute run to Ohio to help put Bush over the top. Had Arnold declared Bush to be the worst president ever then Bush would have lost and Arnold would get his levy money from a new president.

Now it’s election year for Arnold and his karma has returned to haunt him. He put politics ahead of the people. It was more important to be loyal to Republicans than to act for the good of the people. So if there is any silver lining to this it is a lesson for people in both parties that if you don’t put the people first then you will suffer the consequences. Unfortunately the people have to suffer the consequences too.

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