Democrats and Republicans come together to defend corruption

This post was written by marc on May 24, 2006
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Letter to the Editor

Rarely do Democrats and Republicans join together. What kind of event can cause them to completely agree on something? Has such an event occurred? Yes it has! When a Democrats gets busted for corruption and they find $90,000 in marked bribe money in his freezer and the FBI goes to search his office WITH a warrant, they cry foul. Apparently it’s a constitutional crisis when a member of congress who commits a crime for the FBI to search his offices for evidence. Republicans join Democrats in the outrage of it all.

Of course when the NSA taps the phones of ordinary people like you and me WITHOUT a warrant our congress critters aren’t sure if anyone broke the law. They don’t cry foul when OUR rights are violated but when it’s about them – well that’s a different story. Congress will tell you that they aren’t above the law, but they want to control the investigation. That’s why when Congressman Kennedy is caught driving drunk after wrecking his car, the police give him a ride home without checking him for alcohol or drugs. We’re all equal, but some of us are more equal than others.

The congressman can claim separation of powers and various immunities but I would argue that taking bribes is not an official duty of a member of congress and that taking a bribe is a personal crime and that it is an act outside the the protections of his office. So if a member of congress commits a crime, especially a crime that he used his position to commit, that it is fair to search his offices for evidence. If congress will not protect our rights and let the government tap our phone illegally then I’m not ready to come to their defense when they claim a constitutional foul. Let them feel the hand of tyranny on their throat and live like the rest of us.

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