Why is Mel Gibson a big deal?

Mel Gibson was drunk and he said some things – so what? People says stupid things when they are drunk. No sane person should take the words of a drunk seriously. So what if he said that the “The fucking Jews were responsible for all the wars in the world.” I’m more offended with his […]

Does Israel have any special right to exist?

Letter to the Editor A lot of people have been talking about Israel’s right to exist as if Israel has some special rights that other countries don’t have. Israel has no more of a right to exist than any other country in the world has. There is nothing special about Israel as compared to any […]

Open Source Software Quality Problems

I love open source software and have contributed to the development of several projects. But open source has a down side in that there are no customers to answer to – and that creates an environment where bugs go unfixed and necessary features go un added. After all, how much can you pressure someone who […]

Has Bill Clinton switched to the Dark Side of the Force?

It almost reminds me of the Star Wars movies where Luke Skywalker is slowly transformed from a Jedi knight into the evil Darth Vader. Has Bill Clinton given in to the dark side of the force? After 5 years of deafening silence and political neutrality Bill Clinton has emerged to actively endorse Bush’s strongest supporter […]

Is Bush behind Israel’s Invasion of Lebanon?

People are wondering if Bush is behind Israel’s invasion of Lebanon. Why would people wonder that? Perhaps it’s their plan. Israel is going to bomb Lebanon into loving Israel. Kind of sounds like Bush’s plan for Iraq where victory is defined as defeating the people who we are there to liberate. When you see a […]

What if Israel bombed frozen embryos?

Letter to the Editor What will it take to get Bush to ask Israel to stop destroying Lebanon? Maybe if Israel bombs a fertility clinic and kills some frozen embryos – maybe only then we can get Bush to ask Israel for a cease fire.

What if Israelis Kill Americans?

Letter to the Editor What if Israelis start killing Americans? It could easily happen because Americans are also pinned down by Israel’s discriminate attacks. If Israelis kill Americans then who’s side are we supposed to be on? I can’t accept that Israeli lives are more important than American lives or the rights of Israelis are […]

CNN / Fox News want World War 3

These so called news organizations sound like Christian Neocons praying for the end of the world. They are reporting news in a way as if World War 3 is inevitable. In their minds Hezbollah is already over hear waiting to attackj America. It’s an election year and they are trotting out the boggie man for […]

Church of Reality Denounces Israeli Attack on lebanon

PRESS RELEASE: Contact: Marc Perkel – marc@perkel.com Date: 07-19-2006 Title: Church of Reality denounces Israeli Invasion of Lebanon Marc Perkel – founder of the Church of Reality has today issued and edict condemning the Israeli invasion. “Israel has gone insane.” say Marc Perkel who was raised Jewish and now stand is shock at what he […]

The Enemy is who?

Letter to the Editor America is trying hard to get Americans out of Lebanon so that American’s aren’t killed by enemy forces who are attacking. Who are these forces who Americans are running from? Israelis? But I thought Israel was our friend. I’m so confused.

Israel Squandering Good Will

Letter to the Editor In 1947 the world community gave Israel to the Jewish community in sympathy for the holocaust. For the last 60 years Israel has been considered a good member of the civilized world for the most part who only went to war when it had to and after it had been attacked. […]

My God vs. Your God – Atheist Challenges Believers to Put Up or Shut Up

Letter to the Editor Now that Israel and Lebanon are in yet another religious war it makes me wonder how do we resolve the “my God is stronger than your God” wars. All I see is Jews, Muslims, and Christians all fighting over who God gave property to. Maybe it’s time to put it to […]

I’m tired of CNN/Lou Dobbs racist let’s hate the wetbacks bullshit

TV news is becoming totally worthless. Case in point CNN. It’s the let’s hate the wet backs channel. There’s two kinds of people, us and them, and we need to build a wall to keep them out. As if illegal immigrants is a serious issue as compared the the Iraq Occupation that CNN helped sell. […]

Bush no longer hunts for his buddy Osama

Letter to the Editor Is it any surprise that the CIA has disbanded the unit that is hunting for Osama bin Laden? After all, he’s Bush’s buddy. The Bush’s and the bin Laden families are business partners in the Carlyle Group. Osama appeared on television 3 days before the election to help Bush win a […]

Is Ken Lay really Dead?

Or is this an elaborate hoax? This guy has enough money and connections to fake his death as a way to get out of prison. Lets watch and see if there’s anything funny at the funeral. I think that he’s living on Bush’s ranch with Osama bin Laden.

Today I wish I weren’t an Atheist

I wish I weren’t an Atheist today because Ken Lay died. If I weren’t an Atheist I could have the satisfaction of believing he was in Hell right now paying for all the hell he caused in this world. but unfortunately he got away with it. I was looking forward to him spending some time […]

America no longer world leader

Letter to the Editor Fortunately for the world North Korea’s missile test was a failure. The problem however is that the United States is powerless to do anything about it. In the past America was a trusted nation in the world community that had the power to bring nations together and create a unified world […]