Church of Reality Denounces Israeli Attack on lebanon

This post was written by marc on July 19, 2006
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Contact: Marc Perkel –
Date: 07-19-2006
Title: Church of Reality denounces Israeli Invasion of Lebanon

Marc Perkel – founder of the Church of Reality has today issued and edict condemning the Israeli invasion. “Israel has gone insane.” say Marc Perkel who was raised Jewish and now stand is shock at what he is witnessing in Lebanon. “This invasion is absolutely unjustified – it is wrong. Israel destroyed the sovereign nation of Lebanon, a newly formed western style democracy who would be the kind of nation that would have been Israel’s friend. Israel destroyed their roads, their airports, their ports, their power plants, and indiscriminately bombing civilian cities killing hundreds of innocent people far from the southern border. Lebanon is not Hezbollah and Hezbollah is not Lebanon. Israel is destroying the wrong enemy. Israel is destroying its own standing in the world community”

“This is unproductive in that by launching an unjust war Israel has empowered its enemies showing that Israelis are terrorists too. Israel can not win the peace by mass slaughtering innocent people and destroying a neighboring nation in an unprovoked attack. Israel has given Islamic terrorists a new tool for recruiting assassins to kill not only Israelis, but citizens from the rest of the civilized world. Israel has put world peace at risk and this attack is an attack against civilization itself.”

The Church of Reality asserts that Israel is not above international law and it should have gone to the United Nations first to get a consensus of the world community and acted along with other nations in a coordinated and well thought our response. “To start a war over the kidnapping of two people is just plain wrong. You don’t kill hundreds to save two. That’s crazy!”

Details of the Church of Reality’s position can be found here.

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