Open Source Software Quality Problems

I love open source software and have contributed to the development of several projects. But open source has a down side in that there are no customers to answer to – and that creates an environment where bugs go unfixed and necessary features go un added. After all, how much can you pressure someone who […]

Has Bill Clinton switched to the Dark Side of the Force?

It almost reminds me of the Star Wars movies where Luke Skywalker is slowly transformed from a Jedi knight into the evil Darth Vader. Has Bill Clinton given in to the dark side of the force? After 5 years of deafening silence and political neutrality Bill Clinton has emerged to actively endorse Bush’s strongest supporter […]

Is Bush behind Israel’s Invasion of Lebanon?

People are wondering if Bush is behind Israel’s invasion of Lebanon. Why would people wonder that? Perhaps it’s their plan. Israel is going to bomb Lebanon into loving Israel. Kind of sounds like Bush’s plan for Iraq where victory is defined as defeating the people who we are there to liberate. When you see a […]