Has Bill Clinton switched to the Dark Side of the Force?

This post was written by marc on July 29, 2006
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It almost reminds me of the Star Wars movies where Luke Skywalker is slowly transformed from a Jedi knight into the evil Darth Vader. Has Bill Clinton given in to the dark side of the force? After 5 years of deafening silence and political neutrality Bill Clinton has emerged to actively endorse Bush’s strongest supporter in the Democratic party, Joe Lieberman. Joe Lieberman is a right wing pro war Zionist who the Democrats are actively trying to get rid of. Clinton has been silent on the war in Iraq, silent on the destruction of the economy, silent on Bush’s corruption and abuse of power, silent on domestic spying, silent where people should speak out.

I have been uncomfortable for some time with the Clinton/Bush love fest but now I’m really uncomfortable with Bill Clinton. I don’t know if Clinton’s endorsement is going to help Lieberman but I can tell you that it definitely hurts my opinion of him. I’m not sure I want Clinton back if he’s switched sides. I am really really really really disappointed with Clinton right now.


Clinton is urging voters to put their opposition to the war aside when they vote. BULL SHIT! Voting is the only real way we have to oppose the war. This is not the time to put our opposition asside. A vote against those who support the war is a vote against Bush and the war.

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Is Clinton really gonna back Joe Lieberman, over his wife for the presidency? Hilarious.

Rihgt now, it looks like Al Gore should definately be the next president. Has anyone seen “An Inconveniant Truth?” At least we know where Gore stands on toasting our atmosphere. (he’s against it)

PS i cant believe that such a nerdy computer geek like yourself got this wrong. Luke Skywalker DOESN’T turn into Darth Vader. Darth Vader is Luke’s father. Remember the part where he says “Luke, I am your father?” Why would he call himself his own daddy???

Lieberman sucks.

Written By Joe Lieberman on August 1st, 2006 @ 5:41 pm

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