Vote Republican or Die!

Letter to the Editor The Republicans seem disparate. Their message is effectively “Vote Republican or Die!” Their claim is that if we don’t stay the course and achieve victory in Iraq then the Islamic Terrorist Fascist Insurgents are coming to get you. Bush compares the war in Iraq to fighting the Nazis in World War […]

Comcast Sucks – Technical Incompetence

You would think that a company as big as Comcast could run an email server correctly but they can’t. Even simple things that any network engineer knows is beyond their ability to comprhend. And there’s no way to get feedback to the as their support staff is hidden and unresponsive. Which probably explains why they […]

Islamic Fascism?

Letter to the Editor The new Republican buzz phrase this week is “Islamic Fascism” saying that anyone who questions the Iraq war is immoral and is the kind of person who would have appeased Hitler. Excuse me? Who was it that decided to lie our way into a war with Iraq? Who was it that […]

Now we have two perverts in the news

Letter to the Editor Now that JonBennet Ramsey’s murder suspect John Mark Karr has been determined to be some nut case who made a fake confession to get attention, I’m trying to figure out what is more perverted. Was it Karr’s obsession with young girls or is it the media’s obsession with perverts? The journalists […]

One Year Later – Katrina FEMA Trailers still sit at Hope Airport

After a year 10,000 FEMA trailers still sit at the airport in Hope Arkanasa sinking in the mud rotting away where the government pays $25,000 a month rent for the space. Is it deliberate or just stupidity? If this doesn’t symbolize the failure of Bush I don’t know what does.

Katrina – Only promises a year later

Letter to the Editor It’s been one year since Bush let New Orleans drown and emergency trailers are still not yet delivered and people are just left with nothing. During this same period the oil companies have got another 14 billion in subsidies, the super rich got more tax breaks. and Congress raised it’s pay. […]

Secret Republican Plan to Impeach Bush?

Letter to the Editor Have you heard that there is a secret Republican plan to impeach Bush? If the Democrats win both houses it just might happen. Here’s the reason. If the Dems win then they might impeach Bush and Cheney making Nancy Pelosi president as she would be Speaking of the House and next […]

The Jewish State Experiment is a Failure

What to do about the future of Israel is anyone’s guess but the establishment of the Jewish state was a mistake. However, I’m not advocating the overthrow of Israel because the Islamic states around it are even worse, but barely worse. The problem is that in any nation when you create a system where members […]

What the 2006 Election is Really About

Letter to the Editor This election in 2006 is about denial. Are we as a nation going to face the reality that America is heading in the wrong direction or are we going to lie to ourselves for 2 more years and pretend that everything is just fine? If we are going to survive we […]

Stay in Iraq Till the Job is Done?

Letter to the Editor Bush said that we aren’t going to leave Iraq until the “job is done”. I suppose we should have got out of Iraq 4 years ago when Bush declared “Mission Accomplished” because we were closer to having the job done then that we are now. Now Iraq is a lost cause, […]

War is a problem that can be solved

Letter to the Editor Even though cultures and religions have been at war for thousands of years the problem of war can be solved. In order to have a war there has to be an agreement to go to war. This agreement comes from a Vocabulary of War. In the Middle East Muslims and Jews […]

John Mark Karr – He didn’t do it – and he’s boring

I can’t believe that this guy is still in the news. The guy is a weirdo, but he didn’t do it. I think he wanted a free ride back to the USA because he’s probably in trouble in Bancock and this gets him out. Or – he’s just delusional. Even if he did it – […]

Asus M2NPV-VM Motherboard – Seriously Broken

I’m usually an Asus fan and I’ve bought several of their mother boards so when they came out with the M2NPV-VM for the new AM2 socket AMD processors I thought it would be a great board. Boy was I wrong. I think it’s a bios problem but this is at least the third bios and […]

Linuxworld – no Redhat?

Went to Linuxwork in San Francisco and Redhat wasn’t there? What’s up with that?

Israel needs a new plan

Letter to the Editor With the less than successful Lebanese war coming to a close it may be time for the people of Israel to come up with a long term better plan to establish a new relationship with the world community. Israel has been at war with other religions for thousands of years. I […]

Bush loses war to Hezbollah, Syria, and Iran

Letter to the Editor Bush just lost another war to Hezbollah, Syria, and Iran. I say Bush lost the war because it turns out that it was Bush who talked Israel into fighting a proxy war against Hezbollah and failed to get Syria and Iran involved in a larger regional war. The losers in the […]

Now Lieberman is stealing bandwidth from YouTube

I went to check on the Liebernan web site and it’s back up. It’s a one page site and it has a Joe Lieberman video on it – but the video isn’t being fed from his web site. It’s being fed from the You Tube servers. So instead of paying for his own bandwidth Lieberman […]

Verizon Trying to Screw Me on Cell Phone Service

I suppose all cell phone compaines suck and Verizon is no different. Now they are trying to screw me on service. I have a two phone plan that I’ve had for over 2 years and the phones are more than paid for. Last december I changed the terms of the plan which extended my service […]

Yet Another Terror Alert

With less than 100 days till elections the Republicans need to shake the boggie man and try to create some terror. Republican need terror and rigged votimg machines to win elections. With Lieberman losing it’s Red Alert, new plot to blow up planes. Lets see what this plot looks like next week. I remember the […]

Making Linuxconf work with Fedora Core 5

If you are like me and loyal Linuxcong user you might have noticed that the web interface (http) stops working on FC5. I figured out the problem. The pam modules with Linuxconf are not compatible with Fedora Core 5. The fix is simple. cd /etc/pam.d rm linuxconf* ln -s login linuxconf ln -s login linuxconf-pair […]

More Details Emerge on Lieberman’s Web Site Hacking Lie

New details are coming out about Lieberman’s lie about the site hack. This Yahoo Story has some interesting new details. The campaign spends about $100 to $150 a month on Web hosting services with MyHostCamp, said Dan Geary, who administers the site for the campaign. Geary said that MyHostCamp, which is owned by a friend […]

Lieberman continues lie about his web site attack

From Lieberman’s web site. UPDATE ON THE ATTACK ON THE LIEBERMAN CAMPAIGN WEBSITE STATEMENT FROM SEAN SMITH: “For the past 24 hours the Friends for Joe Lieberman’s website and email has been totally disrupted and disabled, we believe that this is the result of a coordinated attack by our political opponents. The campaign has notified […]

Tin Foil Hat – World War 3

I remember from the first day of this war that the Bush people was saying things about this was about Syria and Iran – both of which aren’t involved. They also used the term “proxy war”. Generally one of the Neocon signature traits is to accuse the other side of exactly what you are up […]

It’s all about Lieberman – nothing else matters

Lieberman doesn’t care about archane concepts like the will of the people through democratic elections. He’s smarter than us and he can’t let the election results stand. “I can not and will not let that result stand,” he declared. Nothing else matters to Joe because the rest of us don’t matter. The only thing that’s […]

Lieberman Site Still Down

Joe Lieberman’s web site that he claimed was hacked by Lamont is still down today. When you go to his web page at it redirects you here: Notice the URL is called “” which implies that this is not a hacked site, it’s a suspended page. That supports the theory that Lieberman got […]

I only support anti-war anti-bush Democrats

Now that we have defeated Lieberman it’s time that the Democrats get the message that we are against the war, against Bush, and against sucking up to the right wing. We aren’t going to support Democtats who are in the pockets of big oil, tobacco companie, and vote for tax breaks for the rich. Our […]

Lieberman lies about his site being hacked

Here’s the site I’ve been looking for that has the Real Story about Lieberman’s web site. “Update: DailyKos points out that none of the other 73 sites hosted on that same server are down. That really kills the credibility of the Lieberman campaign claiming it was a DoS attack.” If there was an attack all […]

Democrats send a Signal – No to Bush, No to War

Letter to the Editor Anti-war activist Ned Lamont, a political unknown who has never held public office has won over a pro-war Democrat Joe Lieberman, who just 6 years ago was almost elected vice president. Clearly the people are sending a message that we are against the war, we are against Bush, and we are […]

I’m not buying the Lieberman’s site was hacked story

Being a web host myself I’m not buying this story that Jieberman’s site was hacked story. His site has been down far too long for that excuse. Unless he is totally incompetent all you have to do is restore from backups and put it back online. If someone hacked any site on my servers it […]

Who is the antisemite?

Letter to the Editor If a Jewish man is drunk leaving a bar and his friend takes his car keys refusing to allow him to drive home drunk, is that antisemitism? Of course not! Israel has engaged in a war that is very very wrong and this war is bad for Israel. The bigger their […]