Lieberman lies about his site being hacked

Here’s the site I’ve been looking for that has the Real Story about Lieberman’s web site. “Update: DailyKos points out that none of the other 73 sites hosted on that same server are down. That really kills the credibility of the Lieberman campaign claiming it was a DoS attack.” If there was an attack all […]

Democrats send a Signal – No to Bush, No to War

Letter to the Editor Anti-war activist Ned Lamont, a political unknown who has never held public office has won over a pro-war Democrat Joe Lieberman, who just 6 years ago was almost elected vice president. Clearly the people are sending a message that we are against the war, we are against Bush, and we are […]

I’m not buying the Lieberman’s site was hacked story

Being a web host myself I’m not buying this story that Jieberman’s site was hacked story. His site has been down far too long for that excuse. Unless he is totally incompetent all you have to do is restore from backups and put it back online. If someone hacked any site on my servers it […]