Tin Foil Hat – World War 3

I remember from the first day of this war that the Bush people was saying things about this was about Syria and Iran – both of which aren’t involved. They also used the term “proxy war”. Generally one of the Neocon signature traits is to accuse the other side of exactly what you are up […]

It’s all about Lieberman – nothing else matters

Lieberman doesn’t care about archane concepts like the will of the people through democratic elections. He’s smarter than us and he can’t let the election results stand. “I can not and will not let that result stand,” he declared. Nothing else matters to Joe because the rest of us don’t matter. The only thing that’s […]

Lieberman Site Still Down

Joe Lieberman’s web site that he claimed was hacked by Lamont is still down today. When you go to his web page at http://joe2006.com it redirects you here: http://server1.myhostcamp.com/suspended.page/ Notice the URL is called “suspended.page” which implies that this is not a hacked site, it’s a suspended page. That supports the theory that Lieberman got […]

I only support anti-war anti-bush Democrats

Now that we have defeated Lieberman it’s time that the Democrats get the message that we are against the war, against Bush, and against sucking up to the right wing. We aren’t going to support Democtats who are in the pockets of big oil, tobacco companie, and vote for tax breaks for the rich. Our […]