I only support anti-war anti-bush Democrats

This post was written by marc on August 9, 2006
Posted Under: Politics

Now that we have defeated Lieberman it’s time that the Democrats get the message that we are against the war, against Bush, and against sucking up to the right wing. We aren’t going to support Democtats who are in the pockets of big oil, tobacco companie, and vote for tax breaks for the rich.

Our valuse are important and our resources are limited. So we should only support those Democratic candidates who are worthy of support. We should contribute to candidates of our choosing and not to organizations who just fund incumbent dems regardless of their position on important issues like the war. So if the DCCC doesn’t take an anti-war stand and Move-on does then give to Move-on. We also need to give to the Democratic organizations who helped defeat Lieberman and to make it clear that Democrats aren’t going to get our support unless they are more than just not being a Republican.

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