Lieberman Site Still Down

This post was written by marc on August 9, 2006
Posted Under: Politics

Joe Lieberman’s web site that he claimed was hacked by Lamont is still down today. When you go to his web page at it redirects you here:

Notice the URL is called “” which implies that this is not a hacked site, it’s a suspended page. That supports the theory that Lieberman got suspended for not paying his bill. So if he called the cops and the FBI in over this he filed a false police report. We need to call the bastard on this lie.

Also – this site is on a shared server with hundreds of other sites. All the other sites are still online. So there’s no server damage or denial of service attack. So – think about it – all the other sites are up and Lieberman’s site is redirected to a “suspended” page. And – after 40 hours it’s still not back up? What does that tell you?

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