More Details Emerge on Lieberman’s Web Site Hacking Lie

This post was written by marc on August 10, 2006
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New details are coming out about Lieberman’s lie about the site hack. This Yahoo Story has some interesting new details.

The campaign spends about $100 to $150 a month on Web hosting services with MyHostCamp, said Dan Geary, who administers the site for the campaign. Geary said that MyHostCamp, which is owned by a friend of Geary’s, gave the site more than enough bandwidth — 200 gigabytes a month — to handle a crush of visitors.

200 gigs a month? Is that all? If that’s a hard limit it’s no wonder it’s down. This server that this blog is on puts out about 6000 gigs of data a month. Two years ago during the last 2 weeks of the 2004 election we put data out at a rate of 32000 gigs/month. That’s over 100 times the capacity that Lieberman had, and I’m not running for Senate.

If Lieberman ran into his bandwidth caps wich considering the national attention he should have then the issue isn’t an attack, but that he was just tyring to be cheap.

Additionally the tech admitted something important.

Geary acknowledged that he has no idea who hacked into the site. Lamont’s campaign has denied any involvement.

So if Lieberman’s tech guy admits he has no idea who is behind the attack then why is Lieberman shooting off his mouth accusing Lamont of doing it. For all he knows it could be Hezbollah or Republicans. Or most likely there wasn’t an attack. They just didn’t buy the bandwidth to handle the traffic. I’d say that there’s no way 200 gigs a month is enough for Lieberman when 200 gigs a day is barey enough for me.

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