Verizon Trying to Screw Me on Cell Phone Service

This post was written by marc on August 11, 2006
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I suppose all cell phone compaines suck and Verizon is no different. Now they are trying to screw me on service. I have a two phone plan that I’ve had for over 2 years and the phones are more than paid for. Last december I changed the terms of the plan which extended my service for another year.

So – the second phone was for a friend and it costs $20/month extra to be on my plan. However she reciently had to move to Wheeling West Virginia to care for a sick aunt. We would be more than happy to keep the service except for one problem. Verizon has no coverage in Wheeling West Virginia. Not even with roaming. Zero coverage.

So – not needing the second phone anymore I contacted Verizon to cancel the second line and now they want to charge me $175 penalty for early termination. Even though the cost of keeping it is far less.

So – several issues here.

My position is that the contract is a fee for service contract and I’m paying the fee but they aren’t providing the service. Wheeling WV is not some small town out in the boondocks. Wheeling is the 3rd largest city in WV with a population of 30,000 or so. Since Verizon is the nations largest cell phone provider and that AT&T has voverage there, Verizon could provide coverage as well. But they don’t – so since they don’t they are in breach of contract – not me.

Second – I extended the main contract but I see the add on line as an additional feature and that is a separate contract. Since the original contract is over two years old Verizon has already got enogh money to cover the cost of the phone. Since the terms of the contract would be the same regardless of if I had a second phone I don’t see the obligation as applying to the second phone.

Verizon said that they would agree to drop the second line but the conditions for doing so didn’t apply to our situation. They asked for a copy of the utility bill in her name. But there is no bill in her name because she is living with her dying aunt and the home and the bills are in her aunt’s name. I suggested other documentation but they are not cooperating. The are insisting on the utility bill.

Furthermore I read an article where the president of Verizon has said that they were going to stop these termination charges because they were pissing off customers liike me.

I don’t know if I’ll win this but I will make sure Verizon loses. There are some people you fuck with and some you do’t and I am a professional asshole and when someone screws with me I ensure that they lose money doing so. So because of this block Verizon will lose customers. I always make sure that corporate stupidity is never rewarded.

Several years ago MCI burned me. And I ended up doing This Interview on the CBS evening news.

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