War is a problem that can be solved

Letter to the Editor Even though cultures and religions have been at war for thousands of years the problem of war can be solved. In order to have a war there has to be an agreement to go to war. This agreement comes from a Vocabulary of War. In the Middle East Muslims and Jews […]

John Mark Karr – He didn’t do it – and he’s boring

I can’t believe that this guy is still in the news. The guy is a weirdo, but he didn’t do it. I think he wanted a free ride back to the USA because he’s probably in trouble in Bancock and this gets him out. Or – he’s just delusional. Even if he did it – […]

Asus M2NPV-VM Motherboard – Seriously Broken

I’m usually an Asus fan and I’ve bought several of their mother boards so when they came out with the M2NPV-VM for the new AM2 socket AMD processors I thought it would be a great board. Boy was I wrong. I think it’s a bios problem but this is at least the third bios and […]