The Jewish State Experiment is a Failure

This post was written by marc on August 22, 2006
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What to do about the future of Israel is anyone’s guess but the establishment of the Jewish state was a mistake. However, I’m not advocating the overthrow of Israel because the Islamic states around it are even worse, but barely worse. The problem is that in any nation when you create a system where members of one religion has superior rights over those of other religions it is a situation that leads to war.

Case in point – Israel. Even with one of the most advanced cultures on the planet, and having been persecuted and slaughtered themselves, in less that 60 years it is clear that the Jewish state has learned nothing and Israel has more of a desire for war than it has for peace.

Israel treats all non Jews like they are vermin. The rest of us are subhuman and our lives don’t count. When you look at the way Israel treats it’s neighbors and the non Jews within it’s borders it is clear to me that they have formed a mentality that they thing they really are God’s chosen people. Since God is fictional they are at best the chosen people of their own fictional deity. As the founder of the Church of Reality I can claim that we are the chosen people of the Flying Spaghetti Monster but that claim is as fictional as Israel’s claim.

Jews in other countries are more humble and socially adjusted and they are normal productive members of society. They respect other people and they don’t take themselves seriously the way Israeli’s take themselves.

When I listen to what the country of Israel is saying they have no regrets about the number of Lebanese they kill and these other people are in the way of Israel’s goals. Israel complains about kidnapping of it’s people but when they kidnap 1/3 of the Palestinian Parlament they call them “detainees”. Like Islamic terrorists Israel has its own death squads that hunts down and kills people who don’t support their agenda, including their own leaders like Yitzhak Rabin.

The problem isn’t with Judaism itself as much as it is with the idea of having a society with a superior class and an inferior class. It creates the illusion that they are actually better people and it create an imbalance that tends to lead to war as the oppressed rise up against the oppressors.

For a culture that is over 5000 years old you would think that after being both oppressed and oppressor that the Jews would get it. However – they don’t.

What is the solution? I don’t know. But the solution has to be a government in the region where all people have an equal standing. The state of Israel as a Jewish homeland where Jews hold superior status must end. This is true of Islamic states and Christian states as well.

Now I have to figure out who’s going to kill me first for this opinion. Will it be Jewish, Islamic, or Christian death squads?

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Everything you said is true. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Damn shame that rant won’t see the light of day. Israel has become what it says it loathes. A good start for them would be returning to the pre-67 borders, and releasing all political prisoners.

Written By Ben on August 24th, 2006 @ 11:06 am

Truth is that we live in a strangely orwellian world. At college, professors constantly talk about the holocaust and slavery, and how oppressive and evil white people are. As such, this makes jews paranoid and anti-white, and it makes black people resentful towards white people. This is not getting rid of ethnic conflict, and especially combined with ridiculous levels of immigration demanded only of ethnically white nations, will result in a conflaguration of ethnic conflict and the destruction of white people, a complete genocide in a social environment that despises whiteness for the sake of hatred, These events and pressures also makes white people infinitely terrified and ashamed, but last time I checked, slavery is illegal and that jewieh center of the universe, the holocaust, is just another historical event that has to do with the world sixty years ago, not today, and white people are the ones terrified to truly and openly speak their opinions. There are absolutely no moral obligations for either of these events, and western civilization has no obligations
for these events. Yet, they have been used as political tools to create ill will towards white people and western civilization, when white people and western civilization as a whole are blameless, and everyone is terrified to criticize real evil where they see it, because real evil defends itself with a ferocity.

Jews don’t have the same moral power they had, and most are quite religliously supporting Israel. Everyone else is absolutely terrified of the Jews. Nationalism and tribalism is at the center of Judaism, and Israel is the tribe. The crimes of Israel, in deed the crimes of jews as Israel and its central reason and dogma can hardly be seperated, are just symptoms of the problems inherent in nationalism and tribalism itself. The Jews are destined for bloodshed and mistreatment of others because the foundation for it is in their very worldview. The mistreatment of jews in other lands is because of their own refusal to see their fellow man, the non-jew, as anything other than the other, the non-full person. As such, the Jews have always been resented. Their conflict is more like someone hitting their thumb with a hammer, then getting angry at the hammer, throwing the hammer away and damaging it, grabbing another hammer, and then getting angry at the next hammer when said person starts to strike themselves again. Read the talmud, “come-and-hear’, google for it precisely, is a rather good source.

Also, since some people with phds are in jail in europe for holocaust denial, I have my doubts that the holocaust is anything but another mistreatment, relatively minor compared to other instances, of human beings due to nationalism, that was blown up so that no-one would criticize the jews for their own crimes. The official number of victims has been decreasing every year it seems, although the certainly fictious number of six million seems to be a religious cemented and significant number to jews themselves.

Oh, and just to put more water out there, the chosen people stuff is old hat. People who want to prop themselves up have been making up choseness and supernatural stories about their ancestors for centuries. The one and only source idea, “God~, is just saying that nobody else is special because there is only one source of dignity and we have exclusive rights to it. The ultimate in my god is greater than your god argumentation. Well, I guess you can just tell jews that your god is greater than theirs, because your god is reality itself.

Written By Mister Tr on September 2nd, 2006 @ 4:50 am

Non-jews are not forced to serve in the military in Israel, otherwise they are full citizens.

Arabs comprise 18 percent of Israel’s population, they vote, they have political parties and so on.

Here is one of the Arab political parties in Israel:

Written By me on September 8th, 2006 @ 9:40 pm

I would like to start off by saying that I found out about you, Marc, a few months ago. I was quite amazed by the amount of stuff you had written and by your sharp opinions on so many subjects. I generally agreed with almost everything you said. I was saying “wow–here is someone who is very much like me, but instead of keeping everything to himself, he actually had the energy and drive to bring it out into the real world” and I really, really, admired you and all you have done. I was delighted by your clear thinking particularly regarding the Church of Reality. I was delighted to have had the honor to come across your pages…

Today, I happened to fall onto some of your rants here and found some things that are far below your prior standards. Let me add that I never thought you were a dangrous mind, but if you start spewing garbage, you become dangerous pretty quickly. I saw one rant, which appeared sort of coherent on the Lebanon war. Ok, well I can’t agree with everything (like Mayor Koch likes to say–if you agree with everything I say, you are crazy). Then I saw something worse, which I wanted to reply to, and then something even worse here, and I decided I just had to reply.

I think that to make the statements you are making, you need to study this subject much further and really do some deep research and get much more data than it seems you have acquired. You need to be sure you are getting the correct information and not some of the trash that’s being put out there by highly-skilled spinmeisters and outright liars.

Even worst–there aren’t a lot of responses to your rants but here you crossed the line so far that, hey, look what you managed to do here–you are so far off you have finally attracted a white supremacist nazi skinhead and excited his silly little brain enough to spew out more than he even thought he could process all at once! What a miracle–the devil helped him.

I’m really dissapointed because it looks like you’ve been absorbing some dirt-bag propaganda and you are simply spewing trash. You know–garbage in garbage out…

You should probably remove the nonesense–this kind of stuff gives the “internet” a bad name. Just in case you don’t (and I suspect you won’t) just to set the record straight: To answer you, check a little bit further. Israel is the only DEMOCRATIC country in the region and about 80% of the population is not even religious. There is a small religous minority that has extreme views. Israel has a supreme court and it usually makes very even-handed decisions. Arabs Israelis have the same rights as Jewish or just Israelis who are not religious. If you check a little history, Marc, you will find that the Arab states surrounding Israel never wanted it to exist and attacked it on several occasions trying to destroy it. You will also find out that there was never such as group called “palestinians” – it was a later invention as the surrounding countries such as Lebanon insisted on refusing to allow Arabs who were told to leave while Israel would be destroyed to become integrated into their countries in order to force Israel to let them return. You should also know that palestinian children are taught to hate Israel/Jews in their school textbooks and many families are very pro-suicide bomber ideology. They are all taught to believe that they are oppressed.

Israel has given them many chances to build their communities and recently Israel has even done the most horrible thing–forcibly remove its own citizens from their communities in order to show good faith and give the palestinians lands that they wanted. What did Israel get in return? A new era of katyusha rockets. Look the palestinians and arabs in the area can’t even get along with themeselves, how do you expect them to get along with Israel??? Look at Iraq. I think that gives a pretty good picture of what it is to deal with Arabs in the middle east. Whatever you do, they will never be satisfied. They have too many “spiritual leaders” feeding crap into their brains and they just won’t quit killing. Marc, you must know how advanced Israel is compared to all the surrounding countries. Israel is industrially/technologically at the level of the U.S. Even Lebanon which is very advanced compared to the other countries is far below Israel.

You must be smoking something to claim that Israel is some experiment. Even worse that it is a failure. This is exactly what an Arab would say. If Israel is a failure then all the surrounding countries cannot even be considered countries at all–they never existed. The failure is not Israel–it is the Arabs all around. They are the failure–they are the failure of modern man. They are backwards, the people live in extreme poverty and are ruled by dictatorships. They are fanatically religious and deny women rights. They are primitive, and kill for things like family honor. They are about 200 years in the past.

What has possessed you to claim that Israel is a failure? If the palestinians wanted to live in peace they would be peaceful. They would make do with what they have and build their societies. Israel gave them every opportunity all these years to come to work in Israel and traded with them. Some of them do want to live in peace with Israel but there are some who don’t and it looks like the ones who do are unable or unwilling to control the ones who don’t.

Israel is making great efforts to prevent the violence perpetrated against her people every day by terrorists. Israel will be a failure if the hostiles around it are allowed to destroy it. Maybe you should take a trip to Israel and see what the country is like before you decide it’s a failure.

Also all your rants about Israelis seeing Palestinians as vermin, etc. are total bull. It is exactly the same as this “Mister Tr” above talking about white power and then someone deciding that white americans are supremacists. Marc did you bother to check out the various opinions in Israel about palestinians? Did you know that virtually all of “Israel’s academia” are extremely “leftist” and their “heart bleeds” for the palestinians? In fact you’ll find that over the years the left has been pretty damn powerful in Israel and in fact so powerful that Sharon has made those decisions to forcibly remove those settlements. Recently after Hamas winning and the Lebanon war and constant attacks (which followed the removal of the settlements)some leftists have been wondering though…

In the U.S. the country is divided about 50/50 between republicans and democrats and in Israel the opinion of whether to give up lands or not also varies in that range. Again, it’s a democracy–people have a hard time deciding what the right move is.

If the policy of Israel was that the palestinians are sub-human and vermin, then they would have been “exterminated” or something, a long time ago, as our friend Mister Tr would probably agree as these are his tactics of choice. Obviously this is not the policy.

In fact you spoke about the failed Lebanon war saying that Israel lost the war because the Hizbulla were so efficient. Not true–Israel was unable to destroy Hizbulla not because they were so efficient but because Israel’s #1 priority in every military operation is to prevent harm to innocents. Hizbulla’s #1 priority by contrast is to save their own asses and to kill as many Israeli innocents as possible. So they hide themselves within innocents so that Israel would not be able to strike at them. They already know well what you don’t seem to know–that Israel will not strike if there are innocents around (yes sometimes there are accidents but they are accidents and military officials are then investigated and held responsible.) So Israel was too careful trying to only hit Hizbulla which was very difficult, and so due to the length of the fight and public opinion and the constant hits Israel was taking, the war ended with no clear victory, although Hizbulla was weakened considerably. Of course Hizbulla would not admit it. However, if Israel thought that Arabs were vermin as you keep saying, they would not have cared and just have thrown everything they had at them, probably leveling Lebanon completely and killing every living thing in the area. In fact Israel does have nuclear weapons and could have dropped a little nuke on lebanon as well.

You are talking about a small minority of extremist religious Jews who talk like racists and talk about their “god-given” rights to the lands. They are a small minority in Israel with little political power these days. You might recall that there is also a minority of fundamentalist christians here in the U.S. who say the same things about Israel taking back all the lands from the Arabs and getting rid of the arabs. (Pat Robertson & friends.) So now maybe you’re going to say that American christians are racists and think of Arabs as vermin. Look, there are extremists everywhere.

Israel has every right to exist just as France, Italy, Greece, etc. do. Israelis speak HEBREW which is an ancient language. The bible was written maybe 6000 years ago in that region and the people there were called Hebrews. They had a religion which was Judaism. Christianity was started by a few Jews, after Jesus died. But the original language and history remain. It’s only right that if a group of people want to continue that tradition, language, and even religion, if they want to, they be allowed to do so. Hey, christians have also maintained their religion for a few thousand years and so have muslims, etc. Countries with languages such as Japan, etc. see themselves as a people. There were Israelis speaking Hebrew in Israel many years before Israel was officially announced as a nation again about 50 years ago. They just didn’t have the army to claim the land and control it. The U.S. is only a little more than 200 years old. I think 50 years is plenty to have full rights to the land. But who even cares about rights to land or anything. In the tradition of earth, groups have always taken control of lands by power. If you don’t have the power, the land is taken from you. (Humans suck). Well, Israel has the power, being allies with the U.S. as the only democracy in the region, and it even has nuclear weapons, so basically Israel will stay just where it is, as long as its people want it to.

Israel is no more of an experiment than the U.S. is. Hey, if you think about it, the U.S. is an experiment as well. The whole freakin’ planet is an experiment. We don’t even know if the human race won’t destroy itself tommorrow or the next day.

Finally I would like to finish my rant by saying that some of what you have written above, Marc, sounds very much like the rants of David Duke & friends. (This is why you have attracted that Mister baldy there…) In fact if you think that this religious Jewish minority in Israel is so bad, why don’t you try to contrast and compare them to the extremist Palestinians or some of the Muslims around? Who exactly is calling for the murder of all non-muslims? In fact as you should already know, Marc, Judaism is a moral religion and if religion is defined by the people who keep it alive and preach it, virtually all rabbis these days say that all humans are equal and have the same rights. (Unlike so many Imams who talk violence and hatred all day). Also you must know that there are many extremist Jews like Neturey Karta who are against the existence of Israel. Maybe you want to choose them to make the decision for all Jews? They believe that the Messiah should come first or something like that.

Marc, how can you go making statements about a country by the opinion of some extremists? We both know there are extremists everywhere. You keep talking about los angeles being such a great place for jews and muslems… Look I live in Teaneck NJ. There are whites, black, jews and some muslims living here in almost complete harmony (outside a couple of incidences here and there). But on the other hand we both know of many places in the U.S. where there is much discrimination and people do not live in such harmony. Does that make the U.S. a bad country? No, it means that things need to be improved and worked out over the years. The human race still has a lot of evolving to do. Look, the U.S. isn’t exactly a model of modern thinking these days. Look what happened to stem cell research, and how some religious extremists have been terroristically pushing their view of how things should be. The U.S. is one of the most religious countries in the world. I just heard a show on NPR (To The Point) I think, that discussed Atheists these days. Looks like Atheists are the most mistrusted group around. Atheists have to be afraid to state their beliefs. Look how abortion clinics have been terrorized. Or the hatred towards homosexuals. We could both make the statement right now that religious people treat non-religious people as vermin and that they feel that they have the supreme moral authority to decide how they should run their lives. The fact that the bush administration has disallowed govt. funding for stem-cell research is nothing less than sickening. The fact that bush went to war in Iraq and has caused the death of like 3000+ american soldiers is sickening. But we don’t go saying that the U.S. is a horrible failed experiment. We hope day to day that those among us who are in the “REALITY” will slowly bring the rest into the reality and that we will improve the nation with the next election…

So to go and follow the trash of the arab, muslim, and anti-Israel fanatics and simply repeat their already predictable smelly lies is simply showing real lack of thought, research or any depth. You simply repeated the predictable nonsense that is spewed day in and day out by all of those terrorist muslim propagandists who cannot stand that in the middle of their arab heaven there is a non-arab country, particularly Israeli or Jewish or Hebrew, or whatever you want to call it.

Oh, and finally, regarding the idea of a “Jewish State”. Well, we both know that it all depends on how you define words. Again, most Israelis are secular. If you define “Jewish” as a religion which you can define as “belief in a superior being” then Israel is not a Jewish state because there is no requirement to be religious. Using the religious definition then, people living in Israel are Israelis, not necessarily following the Jewish religion. Some Jews (and Nazis) like to think that Jews are a “race” but this is not true. Jews are no more a race than christians are a race. The term “Jewish state” came probably because of the way Jews were persecuted over the centuries for not believing in jesus and were made outcasts for keeping with the old traditions. Those who broke with the rest and believed in jesus and the new testament were not jews anymore (as it is today). But Israel was created probably as a reaction to the holocaust–basically Hitler, instead of exterminating the jews, made them much more aware of their identity and made them much stronger. In fact the jews living in germany were as german as all the other germans–they didn’t even think of themselves as jewish, but since hitler decided that there was something as “jewish blood” he singled out every german whom he figured was not pure. The dork himself had a jewish grandmother. The german jews were every bit as supreme–or more supreme than the germans themselves. In fact they were some of the brightest germans, and still today jews are quite brilliant. Not that they are genetically superior but due to their isolation over the centuries, they were not allowed to work the land and concentrated on education. But of course there are plenty of dumb jews as well. But it’s not any different than indians and orientals who have emphasized intellectualism and learning. We know that there are some cultures around who look down on schooling and achievement, well, what do we expect from them, great success? Individuals are products of cultures are led by tradition and leaders who lay it down. If the leaders are bad, the tradition is bad and the culture is bad and finally the individuals turn out pretty bad in many cases, except the few brilliant ones who break through the crap, and sometimes are able to get rid of the old leaders and lead the culture in a new direction. That’s what the arabs need, and so far it hasn’t been easy for them…


Disclaimer: This was an unexpected and unplanned writing at hours that I really should be soundly sleeping. Almost no proof reading was done so it is very possible that there are some idiotic repetitions or mistakes, or even mistatements. This is supposed to be a pure “train-of-thought” rant just to get the basic points across. In no way can I be held responsible for anything written in the rant due to the above described conditions.

Written By TekWiz on December 10th, 2006 @ 5:30 am

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